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  2. 'Ello, uhm... Yes!

    I can only hope that it came from League and leaving it behind helps you get rid of it aswell Thanks for the warm welcome!
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  4. 'Ello, uhm... Yes!

    Hello, Waper! Nice to see you here! About competitive - yea, I also stopped playing League of Legends for my inpatience and trust issues Or maybe my trust issues came from that, I do not know. Anyway, nice to have you here!
  5. Screenshot Reenactment Challenge - February 2018

    Since there have been some questions about this, I'll clarify the intention of the prize We are talking about normal, craft-able ascended items - not precursors or special skins. The intention of the prize as stated was to give the winner something useful, thus it is focused on the functionality
  6. 'Ello, uhm... Yes!

    Hello everyone! Dis me, Waper. The first time I played an MMO (Guild Wars) was when I was 13-14 years old and I got hooked pretty quickly even though I lacked certain skills in the language of english. I tend to find competition in places where it's not about who's the top, but about having fun every now and then. I used to play League of Legends, but due to the lack of patience people had while being in a match (including myself aswell) I decided to stop playing competetive games. Nowadays I try to focus all my energy in PvE (I mean what's left of it cuz of studies). For daily missions my mindset is "One game a day keeps competitive spirit away". Yup, that's all I would like to share for now. Okay, thanks, byeeee!
  7. Reveal yourself

    Thats me, ~400 years ago
  8. Hi there

    Oh, I remember you! I saw some people chatting on the hill about OC, so I came by and sent invites! Nice to see you here, I'm really happy you made it to the website and decided to stay. And if you feel a little bit lonely, make sure you join our TeamSpeak server as well, a lot of people are hanging out there.
  9. This is a kill run, so please be experienced with the encounters planned for this raid! In this raid we will try to clear as many encounters within the available time as possible. This means, we will give each encounter only a couple of tries and then move on in the first round and revisit them on the second round, in order to avoid getting stuck somewhere. We do not expect to be able to beat all encounters on the first attempt. So even if this is a kill run, please bring some patience! When signing up, please list any alternative professions/roles you can fill. If you are required to switch characters between encounters, please make sure to have those ready to go. We will tell you which of your characters you will need when we confirm your signup. The order in which we will try to clear: Bastion of the Penitent Stronghold of the Faithful Salvation Pass Spirit Vale On most encounters we will need: 2 Chronomancers for Quickness/Alacrity 1 Standard Bearer Warrior for Empower Allies/Banners 2 Healers (one Harrier Druid) any DPS Remarks: The raid starts at 19:30 CET. If you have any questions before the raid, you can send me a private message or contact me via Discord!
  10. Hi there

    Thank you ♥ ♥
  11. [GGB] Guild Missions

    One of the ways in which we can help Gamers Giving Back is that we can do some quick guild missions to help [GGB] grow! We will be doing PvE guild missions, which this week include a Medium Trek, a Hard Puzzle and a Hard Bounty. Since [GGB] does not have all of its missions unlocked, it will only be those three! Recommended: A level 80 character with map completion
  12. Tangled Depths

    The event is a map-wide meta-event, for which everyone must pitch in in order to ensure maximum success. All of the event mechanics will be explained by the commanders during the event, so you don't need any prior knowledge of the event in order to join. Event Requirements: A level 80 character Heart of Thorns (Tangled Depths map reached)
  13. Hi there

    welcome Estie!
  14. Hi there

    Hi there ~ I'm Estelwen, you can call me Estie for short. (I'm a Dane / from Denmark) My character is Celestia Lunar, Tempest. I was a WoW player but I couldn't pay for the monthly fee anymore, so I decided to try another game, and GW2 was just the game for me. I really enjoy the game and over the time of just completing areas, I kinda got a bit lonely, so I saw some people chatting, and I joined in, made a nice friend and thanks to her, I found this place and guild, and I'm very grateful Lets be friends ~ Love, Estie ♥ ♥
  15. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    I joined on discord I'm The Cruel Queen#8758 ^^ Viridian: confirmed
  16. Screenshot Reenactment Challenge - February 2018

    The mushroom king wishes these slublings would stop coming around!
  17. "All We Can KILL" Run

    SL ShadowFox.5027 Harrier Druid / banner Condition warrior / Power Dragonhunter / Power Tempest EDIT: Harrier Druid please
  18. "All We Can KILL" Run

    gaga.3014 Can bring BS or power tempest\weaver EDIT: Banner Warrior please
  19. Hero Point Run

    The Maguuma Jungle is fraught with perils, and it's up to us to face them! For a reward, of course. We'll be cutting our way through Verdant Brink, Auric Basin and Tangled Depths, slicing and dicing enemies in our way, to get some experience and talent out of it. Requirements: Heart of Thorns Updarft Mastery Bouncing Mushrooms
  20. "All We Can KILL" Run

    Koleszlife.8029 Condi Soulbeast, power holosmith dps (I would like to play as condi sb on most of the bosses where it's accepted) EDIT: Power Holosmith please
  21. Sabetha the Saboteur

    Speeaaakmaan.8974 Power DH / Condi Renegade Harrier Druid Banner Warrior I'd like you to come with a Harrier Druid ~Nasu
  22. "All We Can KILL" Run

    Speeaaakmaan.8974 Power DH / Condi Renegade Harrier Druid Banner Warrior EDIT: Power Dragonhunter please
  23. "All We Can KILL" Run

    Sora.8732 Harrier Druid Chrono Power DH EDIT: Power Dragonhunter please
  24. "All We Can KILL" Run

    Hrothgar.7863 DH, Scourge, Warrior(SB/CPS) Pref: DH/Scourge EDIT: Scourge please
  25. Sabetha the Saboteur

    Conduit.1874 Healer (can kite): Druid (Harrier or Magi), Auramancer DPS: Power DH, Condi Soulbeast,... (any kind of dps) Chrono I'd like you to assist me as a dps. ~Nasu
  26. Sabetha the Saboteur

    DPS - Power - Tempest - Ioneval - ONEVA.5860 i had 1 introduction on this encounter and would like to practise
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