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  2. OC groups for simply unlocking raid masteries?

    Cool, thanks!
  3. OC groups for simply unlocking raid masteries?

    Unfortunately yes You can however register as a raider via our main page here and either try to find a group through our Discord, or join one of our scheduled raids
  4. Yesterday
  5. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Heloq here Heloq - Luca#1909 Thanks
  6. OC groups for simply unlocking raid masteries?

    Hey guys, would like to join you but I guess I am kinda late to the party, am I right?
  7. I am selling The Dreamer (legendary shortbow that shoots awesome rainbow unicorns) for 2500 gold. Current trading post price is around 3000g. I want to sell it to a community member, because more rainbow unicorns at Open Community events is a good thing, in my opinion. x, Eve
  8. Last week
  9. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Pandemic#2257 Thanks! Wolfie: Confirm'd
  10. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Mala#2297 Sai: Comfirmed
  11. Spawn

    This is our spawn! Don't mind the half-excavated mountain behind it and instead try to focus on the pretty rainbows above!
  12. Keep Construct Challenge Mode

    Alaryn.4597 I can bring Druid healer (preferred) or Tempest power DPS. Druid, please.
  13. Keep Construct Challenge Mode

    Avalon.6893 - Elementalist- damage dealer - power staff
  14. Keep Construct Challenge Mode

    Paraxona.8076 Will play chrono.~
  15. PoF Release Party

    Teamspeak: Recommened The new expansion pack Path of Fire is set to release at 'approximately' 6pm CEST (16:00 UTC), so while we attempt to contain our excitement we'll be conducting events and shenanigans in a special expansion release channel on the community teamspeak server! Feel free to drop in and out at any point from the start through the afternoon, as we'll be running lots of little events to stay busy while the seconds tick down until launch! We will begin at around 3pm CEST (13:00 UTC), and will run mini games until the expansion launches, then we'll stay in the channel post-release, and try to keep spoilers to a minimum in case anyone wants to join in a little later!
  16. TT Special Role Training


    I'd like to come train, but I'll be on a plane. Some other time, I guess.
  17. TT Special Role Training


    That would be awesome. I only arrive home from work at that time, then its sort the family out and have supper and then put my son to bed and then only gaming
  18. Path of Fire Release

    Due to the release of Path of Fire, our commanding teams will be taking a short break from scheduled events. Come hang out in the Path of Fire channel, or in a social channel for some PoF banter!
  19. Keep Construct Challenge Mode

    Excelion.2409 Condi PS/DPS Warr, Dragonhunter , Staff Ele Healer , Condi Ranger Condi PS, please.
  20. Keep Construct Challenge Mode

    Atreyu.4920 CPS Warrior or DPS Tempest Tempest, please.
  21. Fancy yourself a fantastic, icy axe but lack the precursor? Fear not! As I have one sitting which is looking for a loving owner, at a low-low price of 400g. Current AH price at about 450
  22. First Kill Screenshots

    We had some 1st kills on Saturday \o/ In no particular order: @Aedelrik, @Anomaly, @anxnox, @DiRaven, @Excelion, @Klevi, @Nan, @Naedry, @Solis and me. We used rest of the time to kill Gorseval ^^ Unfortunately Aedelrik had some Windows problems , so @Viridian valiantly helped us with this one. Special thanks to Nan for providing screenshots
  23. Vale Guardian

    Soeki.9643 Magi druid
  24. Vale Guardian

    Hamycern.1468 Chronomancer, preferred. I have a staff/druid healer as well, if you need, but that char is only exotic, and not properly geared Chrono, please.
  25. Keep Construct Challenge Mode

    Junior.7418 Power Herald, Power Staff Daredevil or Power PS Warrior Daredevil please.
  26. Vale Guardian

    Staff Daredevil Razeful.9275
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