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  3. Aralaxa Tadriendra#3862
  4. Not sure if I am already verified but its Paleglider#5550
  5. I'm not always drunk. I just drink sometimes.
  6. For some reason, his water boiler made noises, even though it had declared it's dying breath ages ago as it lit his kitchen.
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  8. bette#0358 Marsmand.1794 Sabina: confirmed
  9. 20.1.2017 - Fixed issues with forms There appear to have been some... irregularities with some of our forms recently. They should all be in order now but if you ran into oddities or have submitted a form in the last couple of days and believe it may not have quite worked out, you can either contact me or resubmit the form. We've done our best to verify the Feedback form has been functioning as advertised, but issues with the others may have fallen through the cracks. Sorry about any inconvenience.
  10. Jigokusan#5336 Sabina: confirmed
  11. The bass riff is just perfect.
  12. Beryl #7713 Sabina: confirmed
  13. Daniboi#4075 Sabina: confirmed
  14. I just joined, my username is Embla Fitzroy. Sabina: confirmed
  15. Dry Top

    Time: 17:40 UTC, 18:40 CET TeamSpeak: Optional Coordinator: Epertyufi After their sabotage-induced crash, the Zephyrites are stuck in Dry Top and looking for aid. We must help them recover and hold their ground against the perils of the desert. Dry Top features a map-wide meta event with tons of smaller events which must all be completed in order to get the highest reward tier, meaning the merchants on the map will offer better items at lower prices.
  16. just wanted to share this with you guys, easily one of my favorite tavern songs from dragon age inquisition :3
  17. Mipp #4958 Sabina: confirmed
  18. Evil#6975 Sabina: confirmed
  19. I totally did not just break something and hastily fix it before anyone noticed.

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  21. Discord id: Lastunamed#2771 Gw2id: Lastunamed#7041 Ingame Name: Jill Pendragon Sabina: confirmed
  22. @Faye Grim Wow, thank you very much I did a quick update, now it shows recipe prices and the cheapest orb/crest/etc to buy with insta prices. However as stated in the spreadsheet this is a bit misleading ATM, as it doesn't take into consideration that you might not be able to buy all the items at the currently lowest instabuy price and might have to go above that if you need more than the current supply at that price (you might be able to instabuy a crest at 15s, but the rest at 17s as supply runs out). I'll update this to work properly maybe on the weekend or next week or maybe in the afterlife. The spreadsheet was a bit crowded as it were and now with this new addition its even more crowded so I'll rework that also. Also I was thinking about including instabuy prices on ectos too, but that wouldve made it even worse (and ectos sell very fast with buyorder anyway). To avoid more crowding the full recipe price is only shown for the normalised amalgem return (with 10% to get 25 gems from a recipe). In the rework I'll probably include an instabuy/buyorder checkbox next to orbs/crests and ecto and update the list accordingly. Also, even though there are now less errors with the sheet using GW2API instead of GW2Spidy's, I still get at least 1 mail a day saying that something went wrong. This is due to the limited capabilities of google spreadsheets and I will probably migrate the project to a proper site which will take care of this and also should be faster to load/update and such. Any further suggestions regarding this project or any similar are always welcome ^.^
  23. Man, I just registered at this forum to say: I love you for this! AWESOME! It would also be awesome if you could make a row with the prices of instant buy for orbs etc. Would love it! Faye
  24. OMG Squirrels!! So cute! And gorgeous pictures Would love to see your kitties!
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