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  2. Hi everyone, Discord: Agamorshani#4938 Thanks.
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  4. And this one for u guys, GL.
  5. Excelion#8594 Wolfie: Confirm'd
  6. 3 years ago, on Baltic Sea:
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  9. hello there. In game: Baltagir.7846 Discord: Baltagir.5614 Thank you Lelling: confirmed
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    Time: 15:00 - 18:45 CETTeamSpeak: OptionalCoordinator: Tubi The Pact is preparing for an assault against Mordremoth's minions! The threat is known, and the target is set. The Vinewrath must be destroyed! The Silverwastes map features a map-wide meta event of capturing forts and holding them while the Pact prepares the assault to the final boss in the zone. The relatively low difficulty & high loot ratios make for a relaxed community event. Requirement 1. Lv 80 Character 2. Camp Resolve Waypoint [&BH8HAAA=]
  11. Discord: WaldisH#6284 GW2: Waldimir.9156 Lelling: confirmed
  12. Discord: Panzer#6189 GW2: Draumir.2710 Lelling: confirmed
  13. These peeps are frikking GODS regarding music. Insane solos.
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    Time: 16:30 UTC, 17:30 CET TeamSpeak: Required It's time for YOU to practice huskhandling or eggblocking with us! We'll practice on a live wurm, without the pressure of actually killing it. There will be people explaining how it works on each wurm; animations, timers and "rotations". Join us if you are interested in eggblocking or huskhandling - woop woop! You can also read these guides if you want to eggblock on revenant, elementalist, mesmer or guardian! (You can also find a video if you scroll down to the whole bottom of the page.)
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    Time: 17:10 UTC | 18:10 CET TeamSpeak: Optional Centuries ago, the Forgotten magically erected Tarir to hold and nurture the artifacts Glint would leave behind. Now, Tarir is in danger. Heroes of Tyria must rise up to defend it before it is too late! The Battle for Tarir is an event chain in the Auric Basin map. It's a battle fought on four fronts, which have to be taken down simultaneously. Requiring coordination and cooperation, the event is a moderate challenge suitable for any type of player. Requirement: 1. Level 80 character 2. All Waypoints in the map
  16. BlueGem#0479 Wolfie: Confirm'd
  17. In game: Aurora Solis.1207 Discord: Solis#7160 Lelling: confirmed
  18. Hi, I have a Revenenat and really would like to learn egg blocking. Are there still days when we are doing trainings for that? Or just try on normal days?
  19. That's my Thief. I brought some chicken for you!
  20. You are my hero of all times!!! Great job. That's what I'm searching the whole time.
  21. Pommi94#4449 and Ingame Pommi.6817 Wolfie: Confirm'd
  22.'s all here:
  23. @Koistyfishy I wanna know more about this little friend of yours!
  24. it's in an instance
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