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    Time: 17:00 UTC / 18:00 CET TeamSpeak: Required The Crucible of Eternity is a bastion of illegal Inquest activity! It's up to us to stop whatever experiments they're running in there and put an end to this madness! Looking to complete your dungeon achievements? Interested in the lore, or just never found the time or party to do the dungeons? Join us for a full run of Story Mode and all 3 explorable paths of Crucible of Eternity! You don't need any prior knowledge of the dungeon or any of the fights! It is recommended that you bring a level 80 character, but you will need at least a level 78 character for Story Mode, and a level 80 character for Exploration paths 1, 2 and 3! No masteries are required for the content. Crucible of Eternity is generally considered a more complex dungeon taking a generally long amount of time compared to other dungeons, but we can go as slowly or as quickly as the party wants! Altogether it should take us approximately an hour and a half. The Dungeon Night events are a series of 8 (or more, *looks at Arah*) events focused on completing all 8 of the core GW2 dungeons. You don't have to show up for all of them and can just drop in for the ones you like! We encourage both newer or veteran members alike to come along, as long as they're happy to experience the content fully - we most likely will not be skipping parts that are usually skipped in pug runs, as these events are intended for those who want to experiences the dungeons in full (at least once). Parties will be built together on the day of the event based on how many people show up, and we hope to pair up inexperienced people with experienced ones. Anyone willing to be a party leader to show newer players through a dungeon is more than welcome! (Teamspeak voice is required for that role ) We'll be using the "LFG/LFR" Group Channel on TS to meet up and set up our groups!
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    Time: 15:45 UTC | 16:45 CET TeamSpeak: Optional but nice if you can join us there ^^ Coordinator: @Lelling Tyria is full of dangers, and heroes are called upon to cleanse those dangers! We are those heroes! Let us charge and rid the world of various centaur lords, svanir shamans, and monsters from other worlds! This is a relaxed event, and it includes shenanigans, running around, and killing stuff while chatting with a nice music bot in the background. You can also drop by any time to chat without even joining us in-game! We can do some boss achievements if people need them, but overall it's just a nice place to chat and get loot. We might also get some achievements on the way! You can join us at any time during the three-hour event. We'll be wrapping up with the 20:00 Tequatl, ending just in time for Triple Trouble! 16:45 - Gathering at Shadow Behemoth 17:00 - The Shatterer 17:20 - Ley Line Anomaly 17:30 - Modniir Ulgoth 17:45 - Fire Elemental 18:00 - Golem Mark II 18:15 - Great Jungle Wurm (Caledon Forest) 18:30 - Claw Of Jormag 18:45 - Shadow Behemoth 19:00 - Karka Queen -> Admiral Taidha Covington 19:15 - Svanir Shaman Chief 19:30 - Megadestroyer 20:00 - Tequatl (gathering starts at 19:45) After Tequatl dies, we can move over to the Triple Trouble channel for the Evolved Jungle Wurm (Triple Trouble)!
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