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  • Supporter Tiers

    Any donations made to OpenCommunity or a featured charity cause will be added to your personal reward progress in the current set. Higher reward tiers unlock various rewards on OC platforms, and other shinies such as custom artwork or even physical items! Supporter sets are available for limited times only.

    You can view your personal reward progress in your profile - this will not be visible to other members.

    • Supporter badge on the forums, Discord & Minecraft
    Shiny Supporter Forum Badge

    Shiny Supporter TS Icon
    • Shiny Supporter badge on the forums
    • Shiny Supporter badge on the TeamSpeak
    Lucent Supporter Forum badge

    Lucent Supporter TeamSpeak icon
    • Lucent Supporter badge on the forums
    • Lucent Supporter badge on the TeamSpeak
    • Available for a limited time
    Radiant Supporter Forum Badge

    Radiant Supporter TS Icon

    • Radiant Supporter badge on the forums
    • Radiant Supporter badge on the TeamSpeak
    • Custom character artwork by Meta 'Wolfie' Snedic
    • Available for a limited time
    Ascendant Supporter Forum Badge

    Ascendant Supporter TS Badge

    Ascendant Supporter Mug

    Ascendant Supporter Mug
    • Ascendant Supporter badge on the forums
    • Ascendant Supporter badge on the TeamSpeak
    • OpenCommunity heat mug
    • Ascendant Supporter pin-back button
    • OC logo pin-back button
    • Available for a limited time

    Also includes the Grand Supporter title on OpenCommunity's public Discord & Minecraft servers.

  • Information

    • Usage: Donations are not used to pay out individual staff members or event organizers for their time, all effort put into the community is voluntary. Donations are used only on expenses for established services provided by 3rd parties, such as website software, server fees, Teamspeak license, etc.
    • Featured Causes: From time to time, OpenCommunity highlights a real-world cause. These are usually related to gaming, community, equality, or major global causes trying to make a positive difference in people's lives. Any donations to the current featured cause will also progress your personal Supporter score, unlocking higher supporter rewards in the community.
    • Rewards: Supporter rewards are sent out by a person, not an automated system and are generally sent out every few days. Custom rewards such as custom character artwork may take longer to complete, and physical items may take longer to arrive depending on location in the world.
    • Physical Rewards: Upon reaching a supporter rank which includes physical rewards, members will be prompted to provide a mailing address for us to ship the items to. Members are free to opt out and not provide an address, forgoing the physical rewards. Note that currently there are no virtual alternatives for the prizes.
    • Further Information: If you have any questions regarding donations & related rewards, do not hesitate to contact any Community Admin or Community Manager.
  • Donate to OpenCommunity

    Your donation keeps OpenCommunity alive!

    The community doesn't run ads or charge membership fees! All our platforms are free to use for everyone, so we rely solely on donations from people like you!

    Your contributions allow this community to continue to grow and thrive, giving us access to not only our basic requirements such as the TeamSpeak & website, but also allowing us to create community servers for games such as Minecraft (oh look! Minecraft actually happened!), Terraria, and more!

    All donations are handled via PayPal.


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