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  1. hey!

    Hello peeps of OC o/ Since I have never really introduced myself, Here I am My name is Gangolanc, (Gango or Gang for short) and i have been part of OC for around.... 1 year?? ANYWAY... I played guildwars 2 since the Beta came out, but i had a few big breaks (and I had no idea what I was doing back then). I really started playing a few months after HoT release, and it was a few months after that I came across this community (via Triple Trouble ofcourse) I really like this community and I try my best to make sure I enjoy myself and others here Thanks for having me here, and see you in-game greetings, Gangolanc
  2. Hey

  3. Random Screenshots from the OC Server!

    Here is a screenshot from my Farming Simulator 2017
  4. Pink Group Photo!

    So after a glorious Triple Trouble event, we made a cool squad picture of everyone wearing pink! \o/ Look at it, and be AMAZED!! (I am not responsible for any eyedamage due to an overload of awesomeness) (if anyone has a better screenshot be sure to post it too )
  5. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Should be fixed now
  6. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Gangolanc #8119 \o/ Lelling: confirmed
  7. Reveal yourself

    And this is my cute dog, Zorro
  8. Reveal yourself

    Well, this is me next to a pile of broken plastic chairs. Took me a lot of effort to get them like this.