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  1. Diablo III! (And OC in D3)

    Started a seasonal Crusader, going through the campaign... I got Diablo very close to release, never made it to Act IV
  2. Diablo III! (And OC in D3)

    Found it and joined
  3. Diablo III! (And OC in D3)

    I FINALLY got Reaper of Souls, and threw in the Necro, because Necro I can't seem to find the communities thing, does it need to be in-game?
  4. Random Screenshots from the OC Server!

    My maps I have no good screenshots of the village, and I barely did any work, just tidied up the paths some. When I have some things built, I'll pillar up and get some nice screens.
  5. That looks quite snazzy indeed! Who are the people on the mug? Edit: Also, Minecraft? Where?!
  6. Reveal yourself

    Holy cow. Zorro has amazing hair!
  7. Revelation Online

    I've read some very unflattering reviews of the game, which ruined any interested I had It's too bad, the game looks great (graphically, at least, because I'm a graphics snob).
  8. Reveal yourself


  10. Fun™ Commander Q&A!

    I sent some questions, but have some bonus ones! Who is Mojo Jojo? What about HIM?
  11. Reveal yourself

    In the textbox that opens when you make a new post, there's a prompt at the bottom - "Drag files here to attach, blahblah." You can use that ^^
  12. Reveal yourself

    Ahahahahaha "proper cat" Brilliant!
  13. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Minithra # 5357 Lelling: confirmed
  14. Hide and seek

    Give us hints!