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  1. My maps I have no good screenshots of the village, and I barely did any work, just tidied up the paths some. When I have some things built, I'll pillar up and get some nice screens.
  2. That looks quite snazzy indeed! Who are the people on the mug? Edit: Also, Minecraft? Where?!
  3. Holy cow. Zorro has amazing hair!
  4. I've read some very unflattering reviews of the game, which ruined any interested I had It's too bad, the game looks great (graphically, at least, because I'm a graphics snob).
  5. Ratties!
  6. I sent some questions, but have some bonus ones! Who is Mojo Jojo? What about HIM?
  7. In the textbox that opens when you make a new post, there's a prompt at the bottom - "Drag files here to attach, blahblah." You can use that ^^
  8. Ahahahahaha "proper cat" Brilliant!
  9. Minithra # 5357 Lelling: confirmed
  10. Give us hints!
  11. Cat Food. Maybe it'll distract them?
  12. Oh wow. That's a ball of fluff with eyes and a nose
  13. until

    On teamspeak, please! In-game, NOT in Bloodtide Coast. A town is nice, but anywhere out of combat is okay. The reason for this is that we jump together to Bloodtide coast in order to force the game to create an empty map for us, and if you're already in Bloodtide, you can't help with that and if there aren't enough people it can cause delays as we search for a map. If you are on teamspeak, in the TT channel, this is explained