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  1. gaga.3014 Tempest 20:00-->23:00
  2. Deimos

    gaga.3014 Can bring tempest (staff) Edit: Tempest Power DPS
  3. Xera

    gaga.3014 Tempest (staff) Remark: Tempest Power DPS
  4. First Kill Screenshots

    1st kill of trio :3 at intro gw084.bmp
  5. Keep Construct

    gaga.3014 Tempest Staff
  6. Bandit Trio

    gaga.3014 Tempest Staff Remark: Viridian's group Tempest DPS
  7. Gorseval the Multifarious

    gaga.3014 Tempest Staff
  8. Slothasor

    gaga.3014 Tempest staff
  9. Deimos

    gaga.3014 Tempest staff
  10. gaga.3014 Tempest staff
  11. Slothasor

    gaga.3014 Tempest staff / condi war support (only missing runes) Tempest DPS, pls
  12. Bastion of the Penitent

    gaga.3014 Tempest (Staff) Raid Leader: @Viridian Remark: Tempest DPS
  13. Vale Guardian

    gaga.3014 Tempest (staff)
  14. Random Screenshots from the OC Server!

    Some builds. The house is free to claim. Not far from spawn. I dont use it anymore.
  15. Raid Introduction: Vale Guardian

    gaga.3014 1st timer (know absolutly nothing) Tempest Staff