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  1. ''All We Can KILL'' Run

    Lain.5918 Prefered soulbeast, power lazer-engi possible or magi drood EDIT: DPS, please
  2. Hero Point Run

    Many challenges await in the Crystal Desert and Vabbi, but fortunately there are always heroes who are not afraid of a challenge! The event is a run through all of the Path of Fire Waypoints and Hero Points! Players can either bring new characters that have not been to the Crystal Desert yet, or come with those that are already veterans of the desert, as many of the Hero Challenges are repeatable and will give rewards even to those who have already completed them once before! Players do not have to have any waypoint in the area in advance. Requirements: Path of Fire Expansion Mounts: Raptor, Springer, Skimmer Recommended: Canyon Jumping Raptor Mount mastery and High Vault Springer Mount mastery.
  3. Poetry <3

    Whether it's silly, romantic, long epics, haiku's or anything in between, this is the place to post it. I will start with some gw2 and Triple Trouble related poetry made today during Triple Trouble.
  4. Photography

    So I bet I am not the only one who is into photography, so here is a photography thread to post you photos in! Ill start with a bunch of analog pictures, the black and white photo's are developed myself and all photos are scanned at home. Open the Spoiler tag to see my pictures, so they don't take up tons of space if other people also post replies
  5. Xera

    Bit late with registration Lain.5918 Viper Soulbeast Magi/Condi druid (comfy stacking some might (but nothing special, no Harrier gear :D)) Power Holo (Soulbeast prefered if it doesnt matter but Holosmith is totally fine too) Remark: Any DPS of your choice, pls (so probably Soulbeast )
  6. Raid Introduction: Vale Guardian

    Lain.5918 Condi Ranger (prefered) / Druid Condition Ranger, please. /Karry Karrys group.
  7. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Lain<3#7742 Thanks for the verification already. Wolfie: Confirm'd