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  1. Overkill Dragonbane was pained for last year's Tyria Pride March, and that's way he looks on Tyria Pride March 2017. I think I won't repaint it anymore
  2. Wall Dance Party
  3. Some screens from me, sorry but since I was on second row, I catched mostly quaggans who walked in front of me on those pics Nice that people liked to join dancing on walls and relax party by plants in LA <3
  4. Still bizarre
  5. Newest creation, for contest of Star Wars Microfighers: T-16 Skyhopper by Kocur Velox, on Flickr
  6. "Day 134. May 13th. They still haven't noticed my presence."
  7. Totally one of best crowds I ever saw:
  8. Few days ago my account get reward for 2 years in game That was perfect occasion to buy new charr slot and create elementalist! Let me introduce you - OvervoltRAGE, vocalist at charr rock band "Dragon Watch"
  9. If they could't see me, probably they heard
  10. LOL my charr looks on stage like one of actors from "Lion King". Naked Jormag Team screenshot from me For those who said its impossible to kill it without clothes as you get frost - chill guys
  11. "Dark Forest Of Elves" on PYRKON 2017, creation of 18 people (my part is pretty easy to find cause of Dark Tower) :
  12. For huge fantasy convent - PYRKON 2017 - few ppl from Lego PL Fanclub are creating exhibition themed "Dark Forest Of Elves". My part is from The Witcher's lore: Scoia'tael camp, Dark Tower at swampland and Place Of Power, here how it looks like - 4 baseplates (small part of over 70 bp total): Scoia'tael camp closer view: Toruviel on way to fight undead Dark Tower guard: