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  1. LEGO - my own creations

    Always nice to see someone got inspired by other creations My new stuff is Steampunk themed. There you go: Steampunk Marines by Kocur Velox, on Flickr It's boarding/desant team for Ironclad I'm building right now. Transport mode: Driver is standing not sitting, here is with front panel taken off: Combat mode: Whole gallery here.
  2. LEGO - my own creations

    Blacktron Collection Fall 2017 00 Blactron Overview by Kocur Velox, on Flickr Only official set here is the one on bottom right - 6941 Battrax, oldie, as its from 1987. The big one on right top you already saw - its my construction "Harvester". All rest were created in last two weeks, here are some more pictures of "Ace", "Dronar" and two micromachines 01 Blacktron Ace by Kocur Velox, on Flickr 02 Blacktron Ace ground crew by Kocur Velox, on Flickr 04 Blacktron Ace Wheel Module overview by Kocur Velox, on Flickr 05 Ace Wheeled Module overview by Kocur Velox, on Flickr 10 Blacktron Ace Walker Module by Kocur Velox, on Flickr 01 Microfighters Battrax Comparison by Kocur Velox, on Flickr 02 Microfighters Alienator and Battrax by Kocur Velox, on Flickr 05 Blacktron Dronar main by Kocur Velox, on Flickr
  3. Awesome! thanks a lot!
  4. Desert is totally not a place for quaggans. And now out of contest answer why its not place for quaggans:
  5. Pretty hard to get something there, but at least mini Tequatl appeared
  6. At center of group posing, huge sculpture we made during event, was Hopsu and me, falling and more screens from that:
  7. Cheer after claiming Guild Hall for [PvE] Was amazing experience!
  8. Some cool petrification pics from LA box of fun, taken at tuesday
  9. Charr party on a beach, and a Norn appeared. And this is how this story ends.
  10. LEGO - my own creations

    Please do it and post some cool stuff here
  11. OC groups for simply unlocking raid masteries?

    I'm up for such a thing as well CPS or Condi Reaper
  12. Bastion of the Penitent

    Kocur Velox.8352 - cPS - Viper Necro - Power Tempest Cheers ~Rage You'll be in Group 2 led by me (Nasu). I'd like you to come with a condi PS