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  1. Some cool petrification pics from LA box of fun, taken at tuesday
  2. Charr party on a beach, and a Norn appeared. And this is how this story ends.
  3. LEGO - my own creations

    Please do it and post some cool stuff here
  4. OC groups for simply unlocking raid masteries?

    I'm up for such a thing as well CPS or Condi Reaper
  5. Bastion of the Penitent

    Kocur Velox.8352 - cPS - Viper Necro - Power Tempest Cheers ~Rage You'll be in Group 2 led by me (Nasu). I'd like you to come with a condi PS
  6. Reveal yourself

    Last weekend visit at Trencin castle (Slovakia). <3 to cuddle the eagle-owl
  7. LEGO - my own creations

    Thanks guys I know that title "My Own Creations" sounds like it should be only my stuff, but "MOC" is name of everything everybody build without instruction from LEGO bricks, thats how LEGO fanclub calls it. So FEEL FREE TO POST HERE YOUR CREATIONS AS WELL! I will be very glad to see your models in this topic As model returned to me after 2 huge exhibitions i could made pictures of it at last! This is Insipired by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt "Scoia'tael Camp". Full gallery with details can be found on ma flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm1xYFRt
  8. Show off your Character!

    Overkill Dragonbane was pained for last year's Tyria Pride March, and that's way he looks on Tyria Pride March 2017. I think I won't repaint it anymore
  9. Tyria Pride 2017 Screenshots!

    Wall Dance Party
  10. Tyria Pride 2017 Screenshots!

    Some screens from me, sorry but since I was on second row, I catched mostly quaggans who walked in front of me on those pics Nice that people liked to join dancing on walls and relax party by plants in LA <3
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    Still bizarre
  12. LEGO - my own creations

    Newest creation, for contest of Star Wars Microfighers: T-16 Skyhopper by Kocur Velox, on Flickr
  13. "Day 134. May 13th. They still haven't noticed my presence."