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  1. Hello :)

    Wow! You have much better gear than I do I am soooo jelaous! But you are raiding, so that explains a lot. For all of the events we use CET timezone for now, and CEST for summer time. I believe that Ontario is 6 hours behind CET (at least Toronto, because my auntie lives there). Anyway, welcome and have fun!
  2. Happy birthday! :D

    1. Villhelma


      Thank you, Grandma! :D

  3. Villhelma.6829 Condi Renegade/Chronomancer Available Time: 18:00-22:00 CET (but can extend to full)
  4. New Raid HYPE!

    Villhelma.6829 Condi Renegade/Chronomancer Available Time: 18:00-22:00 CET
  5. Praise Joko Run


  6. Praise Joko Run


  7. Praise Joko Run


  8. The Guildie Superthread!

    Uh, oh, how come I have never seen this before?! So, hello. I am Vill, nice to meet you everyone. If you've been coming to OC events during last month, you should know me, since I am Junior Commander at Event Team! I recently joined also TT Team, so you may see me there more often soon! I am from Poland, Silesia District, but now I am living in Warsaw. I'm working on Clinical Trials for one of the biggest Pharmaceutical companies in the world. But I am not the scientist, I manage data that comes from trials from all around the world, so it is more office work than anything else. Gaming is one of my hobbies, and I played GW2 with (long) breaks for 5 years now. I started after beta and currently I am actively playing again since August. This time I met OpenCommunity and finally I feel like I have something to do in this game after I reach lvl 80. It's more fun with people In DV since late September. Currently I am working on my build and cash - recently I spent a lot of money for commander tag and some of the collection items that rarely drop, so I can get my ascended thingies quickly. If you need any help or just want to do the Fractals on weekends (MONEY MONEY MONEY), let me know
  9. What's Cooking?

    Oh, yes I think our soups are the best for cold winters. But I also love onion soup and I believe that came from France Actually you don't need to buy sour flour, you can also make it. Here's a quick recipe: 5-7 tablespoons of rye flour 500-700 ml of water 4 cloves of garlic 5 bay leaves 5 whole allspice berries (dried) Add everything into a jar and cover with piece of cloth. Store in warm place and stir daily. When it starts to smell a bit acidy, you have it ready to use This dessert looks wayyyy to sweet for me But I'll guess I will try it anyway, since it does not require any baking and I don't have oven right now.
  10. What's Cooking?

    I was talking about polish cuisine lately and I found out it mainly consist of a lot of bacon. My favorites are soups - and there are also soups served in bread (so you can eat the dish and you don't need to do them ). I am from Silesia, southern part of Poland, which language and cuisine is influenced by Germany (if I speak Silesian, people in other parts of Poland cannot understand me completely) and our favorite soup is sour rye soup. It is soup made of soured rye flour and a lot of meat. First you need to make broth (preferably use smoked ribs for it). Then you add fried, cubed bacon with onion and cubed vegetables such as: potatoes, carrots, parsley root, celery root. You can also use raw kielbasa (also called white in Poland) - it can be added to soup as a whole or sliced - and button mushrooms. When all of the veggies are cooked, it's time to add soured rye flour. If you feel it is not sour enough, you can add also sour cream. Best served with hard boiled eggs. Final dish looks like this:
  11. Reveal yourself

    Hello! So I have decided to share my face too. At the first photo there is my working face. Second one is my working face after wisdom teeth removal. And the third one is party face!
  12. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Hello! I joined to Discord group! My name is Vill (Villhelma#7409) Lelling: confirmed
  13. New member from PvE

    Hello there! I've been playing this games 4 years ago and then I stopped and forgot about it. 2 months ago I reminded myself of it and joined again. As I forgot almost everything completely, I was starting from the scrap. I was really shy and was thinking that with my crappy gear and lack of skill I can't do anything. I was playing HoT map and stumbled across HP run, so I joined. Next I was invited to Triple Trouble, Dragon's Stand, PoF HP run... And I found out I don't really need gear and skill when I have experienced commander and lots of people around me happy to help. So I joined PvE guild and now I'm here Happy Community Week, guys!
  14. New to the Community