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  1. Bandit Trio

    User: Karl Franz.4972 This would be my second raid after Vale Guardian Introduction Option 1: Druid, healer (staff), 1267! toughnes Option 2: Ranger, power DPS (greatsword/longbow) in both options weapons and accessories are ascended witch infusions + exotic armor Option 3: I should have PS warrior ready by then, but probably not a berserker (greatsword/boom stick)
  2. Screenshot Reenactment Challenge - November 2017

    Raptor spa day, after asura snack raptor finally have some time to relax and get warm after all running around in the jungle. Although I must complain that fire shaman service leaves much to be desire.
  3. Raid Introduction: Vale Guardian

    User: Karl Franz.4972 I got back earlier than expected and checked stats, I could not edit previous post anymore so sorry for posting second one (just remove old one if you can) I would be interested in this raid, never done one before. I have druid healer ready, not tested, but.... Inventory: 1x Exotic Minstrel staff 6x Magi's exotic armor 5x Cleric's asc accessories that is 1421 healing power and 1669! toughness (without any extras) I have new asc staff that i can chose stats: Minstrel, Cleric (more healing power and less toughens) and 3rd thing with lots of toughens. I don't have any way atm to get less toughness without sacrificing healing power. I could switch for some berserker accessories instead of Cleric's. That would obviously lower both HP and T. As alternative I could take soulbeast ranger with full berserker gear (great sword/longbow) but that is really bad idea. This would be too soft for me. I usually play ranger with mix of PTV/berserker gear, power, no condi. I don't know if this would be useful for raids. Update: Now I have discord installed on my PC. Using it throu WWW didn't work too good.