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  1. Year 829-833: Count Grgur II of Krain Count Grgur II's reign was not very long, due to his mother being blessed with ambitious daughters. During his reign, he did manage to reunify his mother's holdings by almost immediately declaring war on his brother Vid who inherited the County of Steiermark, and winning the war shortly after. However, his victory did not last long. His brother was killed shortly after his defeat in Steiermark, and Count Grgur followed soon after. He had two bastard daughters, who were not legitimate heirs at birth. He was killed on 2.1.833 on the orders of his sister Sofija, who was next in line to inherit his titles, but on his deathbed, he named his two daughters as his rightful heirs, putting Sofija back from being a direct successor to an indirect one, denying her of all his titles - at least as long as his daughters are alive. Below is an overview of the family history since the start of Petra's rule: The H represents the direct heir. Other heirs are marked by numbers - direct heirs who stand to inherit some of the titles are normal numbers, while indirect heirs who inherit no titles on the ruler's death are marked by parentheses. The right side shows the titles held by Petra, and later her husband's title, and their heirs, from right to left by order of inheritance. The gif shows the family history slightly into Natalija's reign, showing that in the end, Sofija did manage to get her hands on a title - her father's. She is 2nd in line to inherit all of her mother's titles, and should her 3- and 2- year old nieces meet an untimely death, she will succeed in doing just that. Count Grgur died after ruling for only 3 years. He was known only for his romantic escapades which resulted in the birth of his two bastard daughters. At the time of his death, he was known as: Count Grgur II 'The Seducer' of Krain, Kärnten, Steiermark and Innsbruck, Lord of Auersperg, Villach, Eppenstein and Innsbruck Castle, Baron of Görz. It seems that once again, House Lanik is threatened, although this time by threats from within. Will his infant daughters survive Sofija's murderous rampage?
  2. Years 797-829: Countess Petra, adult ruler Petra's concerns were twofold. First, she needed to secure a successor for the dynasty, so she had already arranged to marry prior to coming of age. However, she did not share her father's lust for expansion, and was more concerned with governing her people well. In 820, due to her scientific achievements, Petra was elected as Maga, Head of the Hermetic Society. In 824, Petra finished her Magnum Opus on Planetary Astrology, maintaining her reputation as one of the best scientists of her time. However, disaster would soon strike, and Petra's scientific spree would come to an abrupt end later next year. In 825, Petra's firstborn son and heir, Castimir, died of Measles at age 22. She too contracted the disease, but survived it, however, one of her legs had to be amputated after an infection during her weakened state. Her secondborn son Grgur became the new heir, but this unexpected death caused a shift in Petra's behaviour. She focused on building an army and pushing her claims on the neighbouring Croatian chiefdom, and in 829, she declared war for the first time since the Regency. She struck an alliance with King Ragno Karling of West Francia by marrying her daughter Mojca to him, and called him into war. Image: Petra's demesne within Bavaria in green, Croatia in red, contested territory marked with yellow striping. Also note Bavaria's growth to the East. Click here to see an image that includes West Francia at the actual start of the war Although Petra was an inspiring military leader, her war did not last long. Having not waited long enough for her leg wound to heal, she contracted an unknown disease in the field and died, only 5 months after declaring her war. Due to the claims on her name being uninheritable, the war ended with her death. 13.8.829 - Countess Petra dies at age 47, and is succeeded by her 2nd son Grgur, aged 21, who inherited most of her titles, while, due to Gavelkind Succession, the County of Steiermark was inherited by his younger brother Vid. Petra's children: Sofija Lanik, 13.10.798 [Heir apparent until the birth of Petra's 1st son Castimir in 802] Mojca Lanik, 13.4.801 Castimir Lanik, 13.7.802 [Heir apparent until his death in 825] Grgur Lanik, 13.3.808 [Heir after 825, inherits her titles in 829] Vid Lanik, 13.8.811 [Heir to the County of Steiermark in 829] Ognjen od Krain, 23.2.814 [Bastard child] Petra's title at time of death: Countess Petra of Krain, Kärnten, Steiermark and Innsbruck, Lady of Auersperg, Villach, Eppenstein and Innsbruck Castle, Baroness of Görz, Countess Consort of Viscaya, Maga and First-Among-Equals of the Hermetic Society. Note: I decided that for future entries it's going to be more pics, less text I'm keeping notes of all the dates in a separate doc, so this wont need a full summary of all the minute details. I was already considering cutting some of this, but I thought Petra's life was pretty remarkable, so having written it down I might as well leave it
  3. Years 788-797: Countess Petra, Regency Period It is the year 788; 6-year old Countess Petra of Krain holds the titles of the Lanik household, and is co-ruling with the regency council of Krain. Image: dynastic breakdown of the title holders in Bavaria in 788. Note the larger shield representing the Anniona dynasty of Duke Anniulf of Austria, who was made duke in 779. Later in the same year, Petra's liege, King Tassilo III of Bavaria dies, and is succeeded by his son, King Theodo III of Bavaria. Despite general discontent due to having an underage, female ruler with no heir, the vassals of Countess Petra stay in line, as the child Countess ensures that friends of her father, people she could trust, are on the council. Despite her exercising limited power during the Regency, she is a force to be reckoned with, and her armies, which had up to now avoided major conflicts, are greater in number than anyone else's in the realm. Recognizing this threat, King Theodo III transfers Petra's vassal contract over to Duke Anniulf of Austria in 789. This means that Petra is now a direct vassal of Duke Anniulf rather than the King himself, and can no longer declare wars directly on him, or any of his direct vassals, instead only being able to wage war either with other independent rulers, her peer vassals of Austria, or her liege, the duke of Austria himself. The regency council did not take kindly to this clear clipping of Krain's power, and three years later, in 792, they declared an independence war in Petra's name on Duke Anniulf of Austria. The war lasted for merely 9 months, during which a smallpox epidemic had spread through the land, and Duke Anniulf was forced to surrender. Countess Petra was once again a direct vassal of King Theodo III, who was now increasingly worried. Rightfully so, for in 793, just 5 days after winning their war for independence, the council declared war on the remaining Huosi sibling, Countess Cecilie of Innsbruck, to claim the county in Petra's name. The war was won in January of the next year, and Countess Petra became Countess of Innsbruck, vassalizing the City of Kufstein and Bisphoric of Stams. During the war, however, the 11-year old Countess was discouraged from the bloodshed, recognizing the need for her people to be protected from disease, and ordered for the construction of the first ever hospital in Bavaria, building it in Krain, her regional capital. In 794, she had her regency council replaced, and focused on infrastructure rather than waging wars. She eliminated the smuggler's ring in Steiermark, present since the times of the child-Countess Helene, and continued to build hospitals throughout her realm. In 795, King Theodo III dies at age 28 due to severe injuries. He is succeeded by his son, the 2-year old King Tassilo IV of Bavaria. In 797, as Petra reached the age of 16, the regency period ended, and a period of peace and prosperity would follow.
  4. Years 769-788: Count Grgur of Krain For almost 20 years, Count Grgur successfully expanded his family's demesne. In 773, he discovered that his minor vassal, Baron Mihajlo of Görz (in Krain) was plotting against him, and had him arrested. Refusing to allow himself to be arrested, Baron Mihajlo put up a fight, but died before the conclusion of the war. Since he had no legal heirs, his title passed to Count Grgur. That same year he declared war on Count Jesen of Kärnten, who surrendered a year later in 774. To commemorate his victory, Count Grgur had a special longsword crafted, which now lies in the family treasury. In 779, Grgur's neighbouring peer, Count Huosi of Innsbruck and Steiermark died of the Great Pox, leaving his two titles to his infant daughters Cecilie and Helene. This gave Grgur an opportunity to conquer the divided realms which were now under regency. Seven years later, in 786, Grgur declared war on Steiermark under the claim that the 9-year old Countess Helene of Steiermark was not fit to rule. In 787, the regency council of Steiermark surrendered, and Grgur seized control. (Image: A timelapse of Grgur's holdings within Bavaria (I sometimes forget to take screenshots as I'm playing so this screenshot just shows the borders of Grgur's realm (which I wrote down the dates for), while the rest of the world remains unchanged) However, this is where the story of Grgur Lanik ends, as he died on January 1st 788, not even a year after capturing Steiermark. Grgur had many children, but he never married, leaving his succession a point of question. The only child he had legitimated was his favourite, his second-born child and first-born daughter Petra. As such, even though she had an older brother, she was first in line to inherit his titles. (Image: the death & succession of Count Grgur of Krain, also showing his (mostly illegitimate) children Peter, Petra, Mara, Grgur, Natalija, Nada, and Jure) His full title at the time of his death was: ~ Count Grgur of Krain, Kärnten and Steiermark, Lord of Auersperg, Villach and Eppenstein, Baron of Görz, Marshal of the Kingdom of Bavaria. ~ His heir(ess), Countess Petra, is only 6 years old, thus, for 10 years, the fate of her realm will be in the hands of her Regency Council, and as the only legitimate member of House Lanik, the fate of the dynasty rests on her survival and ability to produce an heir. Will she succeed?
  5. until
    Time: 17:00 UTC / 18:00 CET TeamSpeak: Required The Crucible of Eternity is a bastion of illegal Inquest activity! It's up to us to stop whatever experiments they're running in there and put an end to this madness! Looking to complete your dungeon achievements? Interested in the lore, or just never found the time or party to do the dungeons? Join us for a full run of Story Mode and all 3 explorable paths of Crucible of Eternity! You don't need any prior knowledge of the dungeon or any of the fights! It is recommended that you bring a level 80 character, but you will need at least a level 78 character for Story Mode, and a level 80 character for Exploration paths 1, 2 and 3! No masteries are required for the content. Crucible of Eternity is generally considered a more complex dungeon taking a generally long amount of time compared to other dungeons, but we can go as slowly or as quickly as the party wants! Altogether it should take us approximately an hour and a half. The Dungeon Night events are a series of 8 (or more, *looks at Arah*) events focused on completing all 8 of the core GW2 dungeons. You don't have to show up for all of them and can just drop in for the ones you like! We encourage both newer or veteran members alike to come along, as long as they're happy to experience the content fully - we most likely will not be skipping parts that are usually skipped in pug runs, as these events are intended for those who want to experiences the dungeons in full (at least once). Parties will be built together on the day of the event based on how many people show up, and we hope to pair up inexperienced people with experienced ones. Anyone willing to be a party leader to show newer players through a dungeon is more than welcome! (Teamspeak voice is required for that role ) We'll be using the "LFG/LFR" Group Channel on TS to meet up and set up our groups!
  6. until
    Time: 15:45 UTC | 16:45 CET TeamSpeak: Optional but nice if you can join us there ^^ Coordinator: @Lelling Tyria is full of dangers, and heroes are called upon to cleanse those dangers! We are those heroes! Let us charge and rid the world of various centaur lords, svanir shamans, and monsters from other worlds! This is a relaxed event, and it includes shenanigans, running around, and killing stuff while chatting with a nice music bot in the background. You can also drop by any time to chat without even joining us in-game! We can do some boss achievements if people need them, but overall it's just a nice place to chat and get loot. We might also get some achievements on the way! You can join us at any time during the three-hour event. We'll be wrapping up with the 20:00 Tequatl, ending just in time for Triple Trouble! 16:45 - Gathering at Shadow Behemoth 17:00 - The Shatterer 17:20 - Ley Line Anomaly 17:30 - Modniir Ulgoth 17:45 - Fire Elemental 18:00 - Golem Mark II 18:15 - Great Jungle Wurm (Caledon Forest) 18:30 - Claw Of Jormag 18:45 - Shadow Behemoth 19:00 - Karka Queen -> Admiral Taidha Covington 19:15 - Svanir Shaman Chief 19:30 - Megadestroyer 20:00 - Tequatl (gathering starts at 19:45) After Tequatl dies, we can move over to the Triple Trouble channel for the Evolved Jungle Wurm (Triple Trouble)!
  7. Year 769: Count Grgur has ruled Krain for 5 years before becoming playable. He has no family, and the goal to expand his holdings. He looks to the neighbouring Kärnten, which is under the rule of Count Jesen Vit of Kärnten. They are roughly matched in military strength, but through some trickery, he could easily win the title for himself.
  8. Ok, so let's get started! The setup may be a lot of info to take in - but I've simplified it with some pictures Note: you can skip the setup and go directly to the story, you don't need to know all the things; We're gonna see 1) where we are, 2) who we are, and 3) what our goal is! 1) Where are we? So this is the political view of the playable world map at the start of the game. At the start of the game, the player can choose who they want to play as - you can choose from a plethora of major historical characters, as well as minor, insignificant characters from regions so small there's not even historical records of who actually ruled there in reality. We'll be zooming in from the world view a bit, to central Europe: This is Bavaria, a semi-historical Kingdom (historically it was rather a Duchy), and in the year 769, which is the starting year of the game, it's ruled by King Tassilo III of Bavaria, and actual historical person But we wont be playing this story as King Tassilo. Oh no, that would be far too easy We'll be looking somewhere more closer to home - inside of Bavaria, King Tassilo has several vassals, and one of them is Count Grgur Lanik of Krain. Krain is a very minor region, but one very familiar to me, as it is the real-life region I'm from Count Grgur is, as far as I know, not a historical character, and his dynasty of Lanik is not a real one. In-game, he has no family, he is the only member of his dynasty. He has no vassals or special connections, his only minor vassals being the City of Krainburg (where 1300 years later I would go to high school ), Bishopric of Gurk, and the Barony of Görz (all actual places that still exist today). 2) Who are we? Let's take a look at the basic setup in Bavaria right now: So, we'll be playing as Count Grgur Lanik of Krain! The game's only rule is - if you have no more dynastic heirs, you lose! Count Grgur of Krain holds the County of Krain, with its capital Auersperg. The county has three minor vassals - the City of Krainburg, the Bishopric of Gurk, and the Barony of Görz. Grgur is a count in the Kingdom of Bavaria, and is a direct vassal of King Tassilo III of Bavaria. His main ambition now is to produce an heir for his dynasty, and to expand his holdings. If he fails to produce an heir, his holdings will revert to his liege, and history will forget his name. As these are feudal times, he can declare war on any vassal of the same liege, or any independent ruler, as long as he has a cassus belli - a justified reason for war. Thus, he enjoys the protection of the Kingdom of Bavaria from outside forces, but if one of his stronger peers from within the Kingdom decides they'd like his title for themselves, and manages to push a claim on it, he could be in a lot of trouble. What's the game's goal? In Crusader Kings 2, there is no set goal. The game ends when you have no more heirs, or you get to year 1453. But I wanted to add an extra goal for my dynasty, so I have something to strive towards while I'm roleplaying through the ages: This is the 769 political view and the regional (Duchy-level) view of the areas I want to hold. So, to make the whole thing a bit more interesting, the long-term target is; A Lanik must control the duchies of Friuli, Carinthia, Croatia and Dalmatia (Venice would be nice but it's notoriously difficult to cap so count that as a bonus goal ) They must be independent, and must create a new Kingdom that encompasses those areas. Their culture must be Croatian or other South Slavic So these are just my long-term goals, which I'll be attempting to reach through the generations, but bear in mind that each character has different desires, a different situation, and if it makes sense, may even lead us astray from this goal Side goals that might be fun to do - putting another branch of the Lanik dynasty onto the throne of another realm, possibly doing something religiously funky, passing the law to achieve full status of women (I always go for that ) or, if all else fails, attempting to stake a claim somewhere elsewhere in the world, relocating the dynasty. So, the game is set up, it's time to dive into the political life of medieval Europe
  9. A few days ago, Crusader Kings 2 got an update and some new DLC, so I decided to pick it up again! For me, part of what makes CK2 so much fun is that it's essentially a Game of Thrones simulator - it's less about massive countries waging war, and more about court intrigue, appeasing the Church, your vassals and your liege, and most of all, making sure your family members don't kill each other. It's basically The Sims Medieval, hardcore edition. So I thought I'd make it a bit more interesting by compiling the history of the dynasty I'm going to play as I play it, creating a sort of alternate RL history storyline set in medieval Europe. Initially, I thought I'd just do a simple screenshot at the end of each ruler's life and show what has changed, but some of the big changes aren't territorial, and some of the biggest plot twists take place behind the scenes. So consider this the chronicles of a fictional historical family with a history starting in 769 medieval Europe Game setup and introduction (a look at the setting & situation at the start of the game, as well as basic rules explained) Year 769; Start of the Lanik Dynasty Years 769-788; Count Grgur Years 788-829; Countess Petra (Regency | Adult) Years 829-833: Count Grgur II of Krain Gameplay notes: I'm playing Ironman mode, meaning there's no way to load if you mess up, it's all one continuous save that autosaves all the time. I'm not using any mods or cheats, only official DLC. I wont be min-maxing, and the way I make decisions is something between roleplaying and just what I feel are the right decisions at the time. I consider each character I play has a general personality that I try to emulate & take into consideration when making decisions. Note: You don't have to know Crusader Kings 2 to enjoy this eventual quasi-historical trainwreck
  10. EU Time zone change incoming! Please keep an eye on the calendar! In-game events are bound to UTC, but Europeans, and many other countries in the world are changing our clocks, so relative to us, all events are one hour later! The community will be switching our generic time zone from CET (UTC+1) to CEST (UTC+2). Example: Triple Trouble is 19:20 UTC, 20:20 CET, and 21:20 CEST! Please make sure to check how and when your time zones change!
  11. Welcome I like the title of this thread, "PORK HERE" kind of sounds like someone emerged from a 15th century marketplace and is now using the internet to advertise their business
  12. Updated & pinned!
  13. From the DV discord: We first started up the discord with two specific goals - one was to create a bridge between our two DV guilds, and the other was so facilitate the raid teams we were working on at the time. However, for a lot of people, it appears that coming to discord was too much effort for raids (I guess they were in for a surprise once they actually started raiding ), so that idea never really took off, and with reunifying DV-2 and DV-1 back into one DV guild, it's also no longer needed in that respect. We did like the idea of using Discord to chat with members outside of the game, however it seems the interest for that was not that large either. Since the discord is fairly quiet in the chat channels, we thought it was about time we stopped inviting every new member that joins the guild to it A lot of newer members are also often confused and expecting us to use Discord for voice chat It is highly likely that at some point in the future we'll have additional uses for it, or even once again open it up as a public chat platform for all DV members, but at the moment we have plans to focus on in-game stuff instead ^^ For those interested in interacting with other active community members or receiving event notifications through a subscribable channel on Discord, we suggest joining the official OpenCommunity discord!
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    TeamSpeak: Required The time has come for young heroes of DV to prove themselves, to right what's wrong and unpuzzle what's puzzled, turn into a.. crab? It happens! Come join us, for glory, for shinies, for VICTORY! Everyone is invited to join our missions, just poke any DV officer / coordinator & you'll get an invite into DV - or just join us in the DV channel on the OpenCommunity TS and ask for an invite. ^^ We start guild missions in the guild hall & catch a portal to our first mission location from there! Note: These apply to DV-1 only. In order to do missions in DV-2, contact any Coordinator, Officer or Leader =)