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  3. A lot of firsts this time around And a special slightly altered trophy:
  4. Waiting for the squad to assemble
  5. Lelling.6795 Druid Healer I'm ok with leaving the spot for someone else and being backup, because I did already sign up for two other introduction raids for this week ^^
  6. Lelling.6795 Druid Healer
  7. Year 1036-1088: Duke Teodor Lanik II Image: Teodor's profile through the years. Teodor II was undoubtedly the most ambitious and powerful ruler of the Lanik dynasty to date. He kept a watchful eye on neighbouring rulers and his own liege, Queen Ermengard of Bavaria, and used their moments of weakness to increase his own influence. Rather than conquering territories, he focused on making entire realms his tributaries, increasing his influence well past the borders of his family’s realm. After forging an alliance with the Empire of Francia and making the King of Lombardy his tributary, he petitioned the Queen of Bavaria for independence. She refused, and thus Carinthia’s war for independence began. Using the wealth and armies of Lombardy and backed by the forces of Francia, Teodor won the war 3 years later, becoming an independent Duke. Teodor kept an iron grip on his tributaries, and at his peak, he held the Duchy of Bosnia, Kingdoms of Lombardy and Bavaria, and the Empire of Francia as his tributaries, securing his independence and becoming the most powerful ruler in Europe. He also forged a massive alliance spanning almost the entirety of Europe, including the Kingdoms of Svea Rike (Sweden) and Saxony. With this alliance, he took up arms against the Byzantine Empire and claimed the duchy of Dalmatia. He had eight comital level vassals, the Counties of Innsbruck, Tirol, Chur, Grisons, Zadar, Split and Verona, and the Grand City of St. Gallen. His reign marks the independence of greater Carinthia and house Lanik. Image: A timelapse of Teodor's lands and influence. War for independence not pictured, as wars are not highlighted, but takes place between 1046 and 1049. Note: Francia is labeled with "Carinthia" as the screenshot was taken in 1088, when Francia was a tributary of Carinthia. Tributaries act almost as loose vassals - paying taxes and having to join wars when called upon, so in-game they keep their borders while taking the name of their suzerain. He had 8 children: 12.7.1050, Teodor [heir] 12.5.1052, Natalija 12.8.1058, Petra 12.8.1063, Tatjana 12.4.1069, Castimir 5.6.1072, Vid [legitimized] 11.12.1073, Filip [legitimized] 7.11.1076, Sonja [illegitimate] Image: Family tree showing Teodor's family - his grandfather Teodor I, father Castimir, his siblings and his children. His full title at the time of his death was: Duke Teodor II ‘the Lawgiver’ of Carinthia, Croatia, Tyrol, Venice, Friuli and Dalmatia, Count of Krain, Steiermark, Istria, Kärnten, Aquileia, Zachlumia, Senj, Veglia, Treviso, Mantua and Venezia. Suzerain of Bosnia, Bavaria, Lombardy and Francia. Image: Teodor's death screen. He ruled for 52 years.
  8. Uploading some slightly sharper images than @Tamo's impressionist smudge paintings (I didn't get any screenshots without the UI for this one )
  9. A thread for all the screenshots of adventures, constructions and other shenanigans from the OC server!
  10. The OpenCommunity Minecraft server is open! Woop woop! Address: minecraft.theopencommunity.org:25569 We've also added some new Minecraft dedicated channels on Teamspeak! You can find them under the brand new Minecraft section!
  11. Hey everyone ^^ So, I'm posting the full clue from the Scavenger Hunt we did on Sunday on here for everyone to solve in case they might've missed it when we held it on Sunday! Because the people who were there had to work through various in-game puzzles / tasks to get small parts of the clue, they had a bit of a headstart but now the clue is available to all! For those wanting prizes, the deadline is this Sunday (May 14th)! But you can continue to solve it afterwards ^^ When you have the solution, please PM me on the forums or message me in-game (Lelling.6795) Don't post the answer publicly yet as others might want to solve it! Here's the clue: And here is a colorblind version to help those who might have trouble seeing some of the color nuances in the image. What you're looking for is a message that needs to be decoded from the puzzle The message is not necessarily a full sentence, but it should make at least some degree of sense to anybody reading it (i.e. it's not random gibberish) Also here's the New Krytan Alphabet to help you decode the symbols ^^ Good luck!
  12. Year 999-1036: Duke Castimir Lanik Image: Castimir's profile through the years. Castimir continued in the footsteps of his ancestors, expanding and reinforcing his family’s territory to include Zadar and Venezia, adding the Duchy of Venice to his family’s holdings with the latter. He also delegated the ruling of the northernmost parts of his family’s lands to various vassals, shifting his reliance on vassals rather than purely rely on direct rule over his demesne. He also followed his father's example in making a tributary out of the nearby Duchy of Bosnia, extending his power (and coffers). His wife was Chlotsuintha Teduericingi, the Duchess of Friuli, a Duchess in the Kingdom of Lombardy. He often helped her fight off threats, and she assisted him in wars as well. At the height of his power, he also allied with the Empire of Francia, which allowed him to declare a war on the destabilised Byzantine Empire to conquer the County of Diadora in 1027, claiming it in 1030 and restoring it its Croatian name, Zadar. He invested heavily into the construction of cities and castles in the realm, founding Concordia, Cilli, Nin, Caplijna and Novigrad, and granting them to various relatives. Image: A timelapse of Castimir's lands. His realm is marked in green, vassals in teal, and tributaries in yellow. He had 10 children: 13.8.1005, Katja [heir presumptive until 13.10.1010, Teodor's birth] 5.1.1009, Petra [illegitimate] 2.3.1009, Timotej [illegitimate] 13.10.1010, Mojca 13.10.1010, Teodor [heir] 13.12.1012, Kresimir 2.3.1015, Grgur [illegitimate] 13.7.1016, Filip 7.9.1023, Martina 1.10.1035, Nina [illegitimate] Image: Family tree showing Castimir's children and siblings. The end of Castimir's reign was also a unique circumstance, as he was the only member of the Lanik family to abdicate from his position. At age 53, he decided it was time to pass on the rule to his son Teodor, who became Duke Teodor II. His full title at the time of his abdication was: Duke Castimir of Carinthia, Croatia, Tyrol and Venice, Count of Krain, Steiermark, Istria, Kärnten, Aquileia, Zachlumia, Zengg, Vegl, Zadar and Venezia, Baron of Görz, founder of Concordia, Cilli, Nin, Caplijna and Novigrad. Steward of Bavaria, Suzerain of Bosnia, Duke-Consort of Friuli. He ruled for 37 years.
  13. Post your screenshots here
  14. I was told to update the thread so here's a new pic
  15. The mug features the OC Staff at the time it was designed, - Slay, Sabina, Sithicus and myself + Atila who designed the icons We were hoping to fit more on but everything looked way too squished If we ever do any future versions of the mug I'm tempted to get bigger mugs just so we can put on more faces Also Minecraft: