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  1. Keep Construct

    Slaywright.4807 DPS (tempest, for example), druid healer, (power) PS warrior, chrono I'd like you to come with any power dps. ~Nasu
  2. Bandit Trio

    Slaywright.4807 DPS (condi scourge for example), druid/scourge/ele healer, PS warrior, chrono in a pinch, the usual trimmings. Remark: Viridian's group Phalanx Strength Warrior, pls
  3. Deimos

    Slaywright.4807 Healer, some manner of DPS, Chrono in a pinch, PS in a panic. Dps with some range, ya know. : D /Karry
  4. Xera

    Slaywright.4807 Healer, DPS, PS in a pinch, Chrono in a pincher. Can ley-line glide (in theory) Condition Phalanx Strength Warrior pls
  5. Slothasor

    This raid is primarily aimed at raiders who are familiar with the Slothasor encounter in Salvation Pass, but do not feel fully familiar with all the mechanics or just need extra practice. We will focus on making sure everyone has a good grip on what is going on in the fight first, and then proceed to trying to kill the boss. All mechanics will be explained if needed, but as a baseline it is recommended you'd have at least a little bit of experience with the encounter. For this run we're aiming for having: 1-2 Chronomancers 2 healers (Ideally a Tempest and a Druid) 2 Phalanx Strength Warriors 4-5 damage dealers Having at least two Tempests in the group will make everything a lot better, and for this encounter for example a condition damage Necromancer is welcome aswell. Two spots in the group are reserved, one for the raid leader and one for an assistant from the raid team. The start time is 20:00 CEST
  6. I feel so awesomely good after today's raid I want to actually call out how good it was. Thank you peoples \o/

  7. Raid Boss 6-pack

    Please make sure you are familiar with, accustomed to and prepared for all the encounters planned for this run before signing up. This week we are taking on the following selection of raid bosses: Warmup: Siege the Stronghold Keep Construct Cairn the Indomitable Mursaat Overseer Samarog Vale Guardian Gorseval the Multifarious While the intent is to kill each one, we may not always do it on the first attempt, nor are we expecting to, so please bring your patience along aswell. If you want to change profession for some encounters, please mention all your alternate possibilities in your signup and have these characters ready to go before the raid, for example already in the Aerodrome, to expedite the run and minimise avoidable downtime. Thanks The base group setup we are going for is as follows: 2 Chronomancers 2 healers 2 Phalanx Strength Warriors 4 DPS And the following group changes are preferred to make our life a lot easier on the specified encounters: We need a soft CC capable profession for the Escort encounter to hold the back warg Everyone should have a power based build for the Keep Construct if at all possible We will need 2-3 condition damage dealers for the Vale Guardian, preferably one of them should be a PS Warrior Two spots in the group are reserved for the raid leader and an assistant from the raid team. Signups are verified when the raid fills up, or the day before the raid, whichever happens first. The start time is 20:00 CEST
  8. a.k.a. Escort + KC Introduction to the first two encounters in the third wing of the Forsaken Thicket, the Stronghold of the Faithful. Both encounters will be explained during the run, so prior experience with neither is required, but familiarity with the Siege the Stronghold encounter doesn't hurt. Because of the different nature of the two encounters we will try to compose the group to fit both, but focus more on the first one to complete it fast and get to learn the mechanics of the second. We will ofcourse try to defeat the Keep Construct in the end, but as an introduction run a kill cannot be guaranteed. Some members of the group will require the Ley Line Gliding mastery to complete the first encounter, so please note in your signup if you have the master unlocked. For Siege the Stronghold, the group composition we are aiming for is as follows: 1-2 Chronomancers 2 healers 2 Phalanx Strength Warriors 1 high soft crowd control (cripple, chill, immobilise) capable damage dealer (condition damage characters generally double for this role) 3-4 damage dealers Having at least one Elementalist somewhere in there will greatly speed things up For Keep Construct power damage builds work much better, so we would ideally adjust the group composition to: 1 Chronomancer 2 healers 2 Phalanx Strength Warriors 5 damage dealers Two spots in the raid are reserved for the raid leader and an assistant from the raid team. Signups will be processed once they fill up or (usually) the day before the raid even if all spots have not been filled yet. The start time is 19:00 CEST.
  9. Civ V Shenanigans

    I feel grossly misrepresented. My Egypt is a peaceful cradle of culture and science. But also occasionally rocket artillery.
  10. All past raids are now also visible on the raid schedule, checkmarked and all \o/

  11. Raid Boss 9-Pack

    Slaywright.4807 Chrono, healer, power Engi, condi Rev, all the usual suspects.
  12. Xera

    Slaywright.4807 Healer, DPS, or Chrono in an emergency Can Ley Line glide. Remark: Druid or Tempest Healer pls
  13. Deimos

    The time has come to take on the remaining one of the wing end encounters, Deimos of wing four, the Bastion of the Penitent. This is an introduction run, so prior experience with the encounter itself is not required. However, due to the nature of the encounter it is not suitable for inexperienced raiders (especially as a first raid). We will explain and practice all the mechanics of the encounter, and while we aim to eventually try to complete it, success cannot be guaranteed. The tactic being used requires everyone to bring along a ranged weapon, so please state which weapon(s) you would be bringing with each profession you sign up with. To faciliate a smoother introduction experience, two key roles needed for the fight are reserved for raid team members in addition to the raid leader's spot. The composition we are aiming for the run is as follows: 2 Chronomancers (one reserved for tank) 2 condition damage Phalanx Strenght Warriors 2 healers 3 damage dealers 1 kiter (reserved) If you are signing up as a healer, please mention if you have any previous experience of dealing with the special mechanics in the encounter. The start time is 19:00 CEST. The run is scheduled for four hours, and depending on our progress we will have a break in a convenient point in between.
  14. Slothasor

    Slaywright.4807 Chrono or Healer. Remark: You will be playing Chronomancer
  15. Matthias Gabrel

    Slaywright.4807 Healer Tempest or Druid, Chrono, Engi or condi Rev. Remark: DPS pls