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  1. Is there a bottom to this?!?

    Slaywright.4807 Where am I and who are you people?
  2. Delving Even Deeper!

    Slaywright.4807 Is that a sharpening stone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  3. Delving Deeper!

    Slaywright.4807 Not planning on giving up.
  4. Slaywright.4807 I am become raid, the destroyer of sleep.
  5. Slaywright.4807 Tastes like chicken...
  6. New Raid HYPE! EXTENDED Version

    Slaywright.4807 I will bring the things. What is this sleep anyway?
  7. The Exploration Continues!

    Slaywright.4807 Every thing.
  8. New Raid HYPE!

    Slaywright.4807 - After all this time? - Always.
  9. "All We Can Clear" Run

    Slaywright.4807 The whole nine yards. Edit: Some form of DPS
  10. Slothasor

    Slaywright.4807 In case you're a PS or a Chrono (or a healer, or a DPS for that matter) short.
  11. Xera

    Slaywright.4807 DPS (Soulbeast, Holosmith, Weaver, Renegade, Scourge...), healer (Druid), power PS (or some other might-related contraption) or Chrono in a panic. Remark: Power PS or that other might-related contraption you mentioned, pls
  12. Siege the Stronghold + Keep Construct

    Slaywright.4807 DPS, healer, power PS, Chrono if panic. Remark: Chronomancer Tank/Support (if you feel like panicking) or PS Warrior, your choice
  13. Sabetha the Saboteur

    Slaywright.4807 DPS, healer, power PS, Chrono if panic. I'd like you to come with a PS Warrior ~Nasu
  14. Deimos

    We'll be training Deimos, the final encounter in Bastion of the Penitent. This run is primarily aimed at raiders, who have tried this encounters before, but were either unable to clear it or believe that additional practice couldn't hurt If you haven't seen Deimos before, please read a guide or watch a video. Explanations will only be given if necessary. I would not recommend this encounter, if you haven't already gathered some raid experience! Whether or not the fight against Deimos has a chance of success relies heavily on the individual performance of the tank and the Soul Feast kiter. To make sure that the group will at least get to see and practice as many of the phases and mechanics as possible, we only take experienced tanks and kiters to this training. If you are interested in learning to tank Deimos or kite the Soul Feast, please contact a member of the Raid Team and we will see what we can do, but this training is unfortunately not the right place for it. If you are an experienced tank or kiter, please note it in your signups! Important! Deimos will follow the person with the highest toughness (the tank). The toughness of our tanks at Deimos is usually above 2,000. If you end up having higher toughness than our tank nonetheless you will not be able to participate, so please be sure to be below 2,000! Masteries: Basic Gliding is required to enter the platform where the encounter is taking place. Rift Traveler and Lean Techniques are useful, but not required. We will need: 2 Chronomancers (1 Tank) 2 Healers 2 Phalanx Strength Warriors (preferrably condition based) 1 Soul Feast kiter (more commonly known as "pink hands") any DPS Due to our tactical approach to this encounter, it is required for every participant to bring a ranged weapon! Remarks: The raid starts at 19:30 CET. Two to three spots in the squad are reserved for the raid leader, their assistant and possibly the Soul Feast kiter, so don't be confused if you see only seven or eight signups in a raid tagged as "full"! If you have any questions before the raid, you can send me a private message or contact me via Discord!
  15. Raid Introduction: Vale Guardian

    Slaywright.4807 DPS, Healer, PS or Chrono should you need one more. Remark: PS Warrior, pls