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  1. @Natsindu cannot find you there, so click the link first (:
  2. @Nevah click on the link tho :DDD
  3. Welcooooome Excelion! Would you like to share you cat's photos? :DDDD
  4. HoT Hero Point Run

    Time: 17:40 UTC, 18:40 CET Coordinator: @Karry TeamSpeak: Optional Are you in need of Hero Points? Do you need any help with doing those hero points because solo'ing them feels too hard? Don't worry! HoT HP run is incoming! We want to start out at 18:40 CET in Verdant Brink to make use of the choppers later on. Squadjoin will be on TS. Otherwise, PM Paraxona.8076 in-game! See you there, Tyrians!
  5. Dragon's Stand

    Time: 17:30 UTC / 18:30 CET TeamSpeak: Optional Coordinator: @Karry Finally we take the fight to Mordremoth! The dragon's minions await us, but with sword in hand and great resolve, we shall be victorious! Dragon's Stand is the fight against Mordremoth's final line of defense, featuring a three-lane battle reminiscent of the Marionette, the event requires a moderate amount of coordination, and is thus appropriate for all types of players!
  6. @TheZeroFIN can't find you there ^^ Did you click on the link?
  8. Give me your charr as well!
  9. Hey Thor! Welcome to the OpenCommunity! Have a nice stay
  10. @Jaina I didn't notice that u changed since then :DDD
  11. Now you did ^^ Confirmed~
  12. Cannot find you there. You need to click on the link in the top of the topic first ^^
  13. Silverwastes

    Time: 17:45 UTC / 19:45 CESTTeamSpeak: OptionalCoordinator: Sabina The Pact is preparing for an assault against Mordremoth's minions! The threat is known, and the target is set. The Vinewrath must be destroyed! The Silverwastes map features a map-wide meta event of capturing forts and holding them while the Pact prepares the assault to the final boss in the zone. The relatively low difficulty & high loot ratios make for a relaxed community event.
  14. Tequatl

    Time: 18:45 UTC | 20:45 CEST TeamSpeak: Optional Coordinator: Sabina Zhaitan's champion, Tequatl, terrorizes Sparkfly Fen. The Hylek and Vigil forces have banded together to protect the coast and fight off the encroaching undead! The event features a world boss of moderate difficulty. Three to four teams defend the special objectives while fighting the boss in several phases.
  15. Tangled Depths

    Time: 17:10 UTC | 19:10 CEST TeamSpeak: Optional Coordinator: - We venture further into the jungle into the Tangled Depths. As we put pressure on Mordremoth, we also have to fight an unexpected enemy, with the help of some unexpected allies. Tangled Depths is a large-scale four lane event requiring a lot of effort and coordination. There are few who have conquered it, and we intend to be one of them! Join the fray and become legend!