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  1. Is pulled boar a thing? It should totally be a thing. Hey Pork
  2. Happy to have- squirrel! Happy to have you here, you should fit right in :3
  3. Oh my god, SNEK! That's a very cute snek.
  4. Hello and welcome ^^
  5. I like your way with words, I've been looking for a way to describe my condition for so long! I'm sure you're actually great and welcome to OC :3
  6. Welcome to OC, I hope you have a great time with us!
  7. *ded*
  8. Now that the cat has been properly appreciated, welcome :3
  9. Even huge manly norns need hugs!
  10. I'm 70% disappointed you're not a skritt irl
  11. I've been through 15 versions of this song, but this is now on repeat for the rest of the day. It is giving me a big amaze.
  12. Totally transfixed by this thing