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  1. Oh we hid alright. Also had to do a bit of posing while the comms were running to Fireheart Rise for the Relay Race We are the zerg
  2. Hi

    Hello and welcome! :3 You can join any and all of the guilds who are taking new members, but they each have their separate "obligations" (except KIT, which is just to get notified about events), so I'd suggest not applying for all of them Also you can do anything at OC without being in any of the guilds, from training raids to hacking at the wurm, everyone's welcome ^^
  3. Keep your salt and enjoy it Most of us here are varying combinations of sweet and bitter
  4. Hi!

    Welcome to OC, happy to have you around :3
  5. Is pulled boar a thing? It should totally be a thing. Hey Pork
  6. Happy to have- squirrel! Happy to have you here, you should fit right in :3
  7. Oh my god, SNEK! That's a very cute snek.
  8. Hello and welcome ^^
  9. I like your way with words, I've been looking for a way to describe my condition for so long! I'm sure you're actually great and welcome to OC :3
  10. Welcome to OC, I hope you have a great time with us!
  11. *ded*
  12. Now that the cat has been properly appreciated, welcome :3
  13. Even huge manly norns need hugs!
  14. I'm 70% disappointed you're not a skritt irl