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  1. Oh wow! Sunch a talented artist you are!
  2. Time to reveal the Epic Gigglers face. This is how I look ;P Slytherin pride!
  3. Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, meh.
  4. Weather go home. You're drunk. 

    I am NOT ready for winter yet.. Q___Q

  5. Wolfie: I'm Slytherpuff! :'3 Slaywright: Ask away if you wanna! >:3
  6. Well ofc I forgot something.... I am a HUGE Harry Potter and Darren Shan fan. So if you wanna speak about em, gimmi a poke! n_____n
  7. Oh wow! This is awesome. Gotta keep this in mind
  8. Hello everyone~! First of all I have to apologise you about one thing (which you already know if you've been on TS same time with me) - I giggle/laugh a lot. Like a lot a lot... and my push-to-talk button is left Ctrl which I sometimes press down accidentally when bursting into laugh. I don't do it on purpose. I listen to many nicknames, here's a lil list what ppl have given me the past 16yrs of browsing internet Hopsu, Hopsi, Hoppy, Hopser, Hophop, Nipsu, Natalie, Nata, Natsu aaand Epic Giggler... I think the list is longer but atm I dun remember em x D Oh right.. .. I'm 28yrs old female gamer and from Finland~ Now you may ask me anythin and I try to answer if I wanna huehuehue~! ~Hopsu
  9. Haaai, I joined too ~> Hopsu#9581 Sabina: confirmed
  10. waaaahhh... Sooo tired.. Darn it Declan! xD 

  11. Haaaiii, another GW1 player hereeee! o/ GW2: Natalie Silvermoon GW1: Gloria (main account) & Midia (2nd account) - Both are currently in a guild between me and my friend so that we can keep track on how long ago we've logged on the last time cause you can't see it anywhere if you are guildless.. <.< Note: I have taken precautions about publishing my GW1 names in a public forums. Ask me in private msg for them either in GW2 or forums. Thank you~<3