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  1. Yeah, this monday is awful.. I am sooooo tiiireeedddd.. But Pink Day on saturday was magnificent! 

    I recorded some of it and you can find dem videos following this link Guild Wars 2 - Pink Day in LA -video playlist

  2. I just uploaded all the Pink Day in LA video recordings to my youtube channel and you can find them all from this playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs133AFY2qagebvYvgte_tyx3lFYW1Uki
  3. Good day to all

    Woop woop and welcome to the Community! \o/
  4. Heya! Wanna a cup of coffee?

    Welcome to the community! Ooooh I loooooooove coffee! It is my gas which keeps me going at work. I need atleast 2 BIG cups of coffee or 6 small cups during my 8,5hr shift at work.
  5. Quaggan Waddle 2017 Screenshot Thread!

    Dem Quaggans are flying!!
  6. Stuff I made

    Oh wow! Sunch a talented artist you are!
  7. Reveal yourself

    Time to reveal the Epic Gigglers face. This is how I look ;P Slytherin pride!
  8. Epic Giggler aka Hopsu has arrived

    Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, meh.
  9. Weather go home. You're drunk. 

    I am NOT ready for winter yet.. Q___Q

  10. Epic Giggler aka Hopsu has arrived

    Wolfie: I'm Slytherpuff! :'3 Slaywright: Ask away if you wanna! >:3
  11. Epic Giggler aka Hopsu has arrived

    Well ofc I forgot something.... I am a HUGE Harry Potter and Darren Shan fan. So if you wanna speak about em, gimmi a poke! n_____n
  12. Hello everyone~! First of all I have to apologise you about one thing (which you already know if you've been on TS same time with me) - I giggle/laugh a lot. Like a lot a lot... and my push-to-talk button is left Ctrl which I sometimes press down accidentally when bursting into laugh. I don't do it on purpose. I listen to many nicknames, here's a lil list what ppl have given me the past 16yrs of browsing internet Hopsu, Hopsi, Hoppy, Hopser, Hophop, Nipsu, Natalie, Nata, Natsu aaand Epic Giggler... I think the list is longer but atm I dun remember em x D Oh right.. .. I'm 28yrs old female gamer and from Finland~ Now you may ask me anythin and I try to answer if I wanna huehuehue~! ~Hopsu
  13. OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Haaai, I joined too ~> Hopsu#9581 Sabina: confirmed
  14. waaaahhh... Sooo tired.. Darn it Declan! xD