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OpenCommunity's First Ever Themed Area Poll!

Themed Area  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. What should be the first themed area on our Minecraft server?

    • Snowland
    • Medieval
    • Rainbow / Unicorn
    • Futuristic
    • Overgrown
    • Orr
    • Ancient Egyptian
    • Greco-Roman
    • Underwater City

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Lelling    213

Is a thing!

The winning theme will be given a large designated area and then members can go HAM and build something epic in there :D! Yay!


If you find anything that isn't on the list, put it in the replies of this thread, and we'll include it on the next poll! :D

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Kahiara    2

As well as the many things I've already suggested ;-) we could also have :


- Pirate land 

- Quaggan land 

- actual space (cover an area in dark blocks and make planets and rockets and stars and nebulae)

- Giant wurm statues (not a land but I want it)


I'm just very excited ^_^ I've voted for many things above!

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Castus    3

Pirate would be really nice.

What about a steampunk area?


A little quaggan land is already there ;-)

@Lelling have you visited Coddler's Cove yet? (-390/63/611)


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