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Pandemic    2

Hi, I’m Pandemic, I play a Thief (Carriwitchet) and Mesmer (Athanaeum) in game.


I’m a returning player who played back at release (a Ranger who I don’t play on much now). Stopped playing as all my friends stopped, but decided a few months ago to come back and see what I’d missed. Was delighted to find the game in an even better state that I remembered it (and I was a big fan!). Set about levelling another character to 80 (my Thief) and then decided I’d try Memser too.


I came across the OC when you guys were doing TT and was blown away by your organisation and welcoming attitude. Have since been back done the event many more times and it’s always been a pleasure. Hoping to do more events in game and looking forward to riding a giant bunny in PoF!


Currently guildless but I’m not antisocial and I’m happy to give a hand to others when on. I’ve only ever done one dungeon since returning and never ventured into fractals or raids but both seem like fun, so maybe one day. If you see me around feel free to say “boo!”.

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Freontwel    3

Welcome to the party... although I think it's a raid squad... No wait! There's more of us.. a squad? two? three? Anyways I hope you'll enjoy. 

Let's have an interesting chain of welcoming messages where we'll add things about the one who posted last time to introduce people to you Pandemic. ^^ which means


^ Koisty up here is a high-end and -pitch person who can always brighten an event and a day, even on a rainy day. 

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Wolfie    38

I'm so sad Freont's plan fell apart :D SO! Hi, but also


^This is Lelling, he's our fab, wise mother figure and very vocally enjoys cats

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