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Greetings :D

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Stix    1

Hello all,

Just a quick hello and introduction from me. I met the Guild yesterday whilst in the glorious labyrinth of Tangled Depths, a place i've actually come to love rather than despise as i certainly first did! I joined up for what turned out to be a very well organised and executed Dragon's Stand run. I've been looking for a decent PvE based Guild since returning to GW2 a few months ago and this one fits everything that i need. I love doing open world stuff and rarely venture further, so yes a filthy casual here who just loves to play the game. I'd like to venture back into dungeons again at some point, but due to medical issues i cannot raid. Really looking to get into WvW as well, so if anyone does that in an organised way i'd love to hear from you.

I'm currently trying to get a plethora of characters kitted out and with their specialisations unlocked, so can be found running HoT a lot whilst i try and find a character that i really enjoy playing, really can't make my mind up so enjoying playing everything except Engineer (he's still a baby lvl 23) and don't have a Warrior. Hope to chat or group up in game some time, cheers all .....Dave :D

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Lelling    207

Hey hey ^^

Glad to hear you enjoyed our Dragon's Stand run, even though the Tangled Depths run didn't exactly go as planned :P Welcome to the community! :D

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tomppe    0

for wvw really depends on what server you're on. Most servers have their own teamspeak/discord (ask in /t or /m while in a borderland map) and have an open tag on prime time, with a good comm its always a blast

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