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      Issues with @hotmail addresses   10/08/17

      There is a mailing issue with @hotmail email addresses. For the time being, we encourage new members to register with email addresses from other providers. Members registered from @hotmail accounts can ask an admin via Discord, Teamspeak, or in-game for manual verification of their accounts. Sorry for the inconvenience.

OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

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Lelling    191


It's finally here! We have a Discord, everyone! Just click this link to join it!

To get your Discord identity verified simply reply to this thread with the nickname you are using on Discord! One of our staff members will verify you :3


If you don't want to post your discord identity publicly, you can also private message any of our Admins or Community Managers.


The entries get verified every few days, if you feel like you've waited too long, just poke a staff member (link above).

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Lelling    191
On 17/07/2016 at 7:12 PM, Declan said:

Declan#0058 :3

Hey Declan, I can't find you in the welcome room O.o

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