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Renjín    11

I have only few pictures to choose from but I'd like to reveal half of my face and show you my lovely cats! I guess childhood pictures are a thing here too, so there.



Foto 23.06.16, 19 57 37.jpg


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Skettical    5

Hey Sabaton shirt! Cool!

Here's a seasonally appropriate picture of me.

Need to remember that that shade of orange is really not flattering... 





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Villhelma    9

Hello! So I have decided to share my face too. 

At the first photo there is my working face. Second one is my working face after wisdom teeth removal. And the third one is party face!



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Lunar    2

Hello there! This is me. My hair changes all the time, so if you wanna know what color it is at any given moment all you gotta do is ask 😄✨




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