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Community Update #3 - Shaping Up!



Hey everyone!

Things are picking up and our plans for the new and improved future of OpenCommunity are crystallising ? We've got a lot to share and we're hoping to share it all before the end of March, so let's get right to it!



Community Assembly

Before we get right to it, here's a quick reminder that the next Community Assembly will be taking place on Saturday, March 23rd, at 18:00 CET!

During the Assembly, we'll be making new announcements, revealing a new project, as well as discussing our plans for the future and anything else our members wish to discuss. For more information about the assembly and the topics discussed, check out the announcement posted yesterday.


Fate of Integrated Guilds

One of the issues we were yet to make a final announcement about has been the fate of our three integrated guilds, [DV], [PvE], and [KIT], so let's remedy that now!

  • [KIT] will remain as OpenCommunity's newsletter guild, with no expected activity or guild chat.
  • [DV] will remain with OpenCommunity, but will aim to be a smaller-sized guild of friends, rather than focused on daily events. Please read the full DV announcement.
  • [PvE], as previously announced, has become the flagship guild of the new autonomous group of commanders who are organising events on their own, outside of OpenCommunity's direct management. For the time being, they have their own area on the website, with the aim of becoming fully independent.

As for the other community guilds, we've got some big announcements coming up regarding our plans for Guild Wars 2, which will be revealed on the Community Assembly. Don't worry if you miss it, though, the announcement will also be posted on the website!


Autonomous Group / [PvE] Update

The newly formed autonomous group has decided to take on the name of [PvE] - Players vs. Events! They have been granted their own Teamspeak area, in which they have full autonomy, as well as their own section on the website. Check it out for any news and announcements from their end!

Since most of the active members from our Minecraft server are from [PvE], they will be receiving a copy of the OC Minecraft world when / if we decide to shut ours down, or sooner, if they so desire. For the time being, our server will remain online, and we'll make sure to announce it well in advance when the time comes.

[PvE] now has full autonomy over their operations, and we'll likely no longer be posting updates on their behalf. If you'd like to keep in touch with their news, consider joining and following their club on the website, and joining the guild.


We've Updated Our Privacy Policy - No, Seriously

We've been going with an outdated privacy policy for a while, and while we're doing all-round updates to the website, we decided we might as well update it. Check it out here.

Account Deletion

With all the changes coming up, we do understand if anyone wishes to have their data and account deleted from the website, as per GDPR. If you're no longer planning on using the OpenCommunity website, you can request an account deletion. Simply private-message @Lelling with a request for deletion.

Package Timeout

Not really part of the privacy policy, but also a new website policy so we'll keep in the same chapter. Packages left with Awaiting Response for over 60 days will now be shelved if no address is given. Packages which have a mailing address but have not filled additional information needed, such as the type of Bibi icon, may not receive that particular part of the package, and may only receive the selected items.



Now that the future of OC is becoming clearer, we're getting ready to once again open our doors to anyone willing to help out around the community. Keep an eye out for further announcements, as we'll be announcing some new roles open to community members, as well as looking for volunteers for the Toga Party for Multiple Sclerosis charity event, which will take place on May 11th!

If you're already wondering about helping out, feel free to post a comment here or contact a staff member! Don't be shy ? If you have any questions regarding this, we can also discuss them during the Community Assembly.

In order to help out with MS Toga or any other future events, you don't need to be a commander or have any commanding experience.


Spring Cleaning Continues

In the next few days, there'll be some more cleanup on both the website and the forums, as we continue to shape our platform into something more suitable for the kind of community we wish to create.

We're super happy with the Club feature tests so far, and will continue implementing it in the future, to replace many of our forums, so keep an eye out for any changes to familiar areas of the website ? 

On Teamspeak, the new autonomous section for [PvE] is up and running, so we'll be running some optimisation of the number of other channels we have on Teamspeak, particularly those which are no longer operational, to make our Teamspeak a little easier to navigate, especially for new members joining for [PvE] events, and to get ready for the major TS overhaul we're also planning to implement in the next two weeks!


Stay tuned, and we hope to see you at the Community Assembly!


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