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    16 October 2018 19:30

    This event repeats every week until 27/10/18

    The Three-Headed Great Jungle Wurm terrorizes the jungle! But we're ready to terrorize it back! The Vigil Crusaders are ready and waiting for the armies of Tyrian heroes to march into the Wurm's domain and slay the giant creature. 
    The Triple Trouble event is a fast-paced, high-intensity event where three teams must coordinate their efforts to slay the three heads of the Wurm at the same time. Due to the large number of split-second decisions, TeamSpeak is required. No experience with the event is required, all tactics & mechanics are explained beforehand.

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    16 October 2018 20:45

    Hey everyone, usually we do a Bounty Hunt on Tuesdays after Triple Trouble, but since it's Halloween, we're gonna see if people want to do something else - Bounty Hunt is still on the table, but so is something Halloweeny 😄 

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