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    29 March 2018      31 March 2018

    As Super Adventure Box hits GW2 and our faces with amazing retro shenanigans, gruelling jumping puzzles and cool prizes, a lot of people will be distracted from our regular events, and our commanders might need a small break. So regular event scheduling might be a tad... irregular, for the first few days of the update!

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    30 March 2018 17:20      17:25

    This event repeats every week until 21/04/18

    Finally we take the fight to Mordremoth! The dragon's minions await us, but with sword in hand and great resolve, we shall be victorious!
    Dragon's Stand is the fight against Mordremoth's final line of defense, featuring a three-lane push, and final boss encounter. The event is a map-wide meta-event, for which everyone on the map must pitch in in order to ensure maximum success. All of the event mechanics will be explained by the commanders during the event, you do not need prior knowledge of it to join.
    The event requires a moderate amount of coordination, and is appropriate for all types of players! You don’t need to be in the map prior to the event. The commanders will explain how we get everyone onto the same map, and what to do after that.
    Heart of Thorns Expansions Level 80 character

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