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    22 September 2018      23 September 2018

    In support of the Pink Day in LA charity fundraiser, the Triple Trouble Team will be undertaking the challenge of running 24 hours of Triple Trouble!
    The event kicks off from our regularly scheduled TT on Saturday the 22nd at 21:30 CEST, to the regularly scheduled TT on Sunday the 23rd! - and we'll be doing our best to throw ourselves at any and every wurm that spawns during this time! That's seven Triple Trouble events altogether, which is a pretty tall order, so we'd love for as many people as possible to join us for the attempt, particularly for the late night Wurms if you can!
    Between the events, we'll have a lot of time to do a lot of really fun things, like Hide & Seek, Quaggan Hunt, and tons of other events, so there'll always be something happening! So don't miss out, and come join us!
    Of course, all this is done to benefit the Pink Day in LA charity fundraiser - the fundraiser itself takes place on October 20th, and OpenCommunity is one of the official hosts, so you can join in those events right here on our Teamspeak! The event will feature a ton of fun, a ton of giveaways, from in-game items to physical, official Arenanet goodies, so come join us!
    The individual Triple Trouble events will be taking place at:
    Saturday, 21:30 CEST Sunday, 2:30 CEST 5:30 CEST 9:30 CEST 14:00 CEST 18:30 CEST 21:30 CEST And there'll be a whole lot of shenanigans in between, so join in any time, or stick around for the full marathon!
    To join the event, don't forget to join our Teamspeak at:
    ts.theopencommunity.org (or ts.gw2oc.org for short)
    There is no password, you don't need a mic, and no one will require you to speak 😄  Our commanders are friendly, and they explain every step of the event before it actually starts, on each run, so even the most inexperienced players are invited to join! The more the merrier!
    More information about the Pink Day in LA fundraiser will be posted on our forums soon, but you can also look at the official sources:
    Pink Day in LA website: http://pinkday.gamergivingback.com/
    Pink Day in LA official fundraiser: http://convio.cancer.ca/goto/PinkDayInLA18
    You can also donate in-game prizes to support the fundraiser - please send any in-game prize donations to Yailith.4056 (please note - the amount of gold a person can receive is limited, so it's always better to send items. If you'd like to donate a sum of gold, please contact Yailith.4056 by in-game mail first. She will greatly appreciate it!)

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    22 September 2018 19:30

    This event repeats every week until 13/10/18

    The Three-Headed Great Jungle Wurm terrorizes the jungle! But we're ready to terrorize it back! The Vigil Crusaders are ready and waiting for the armies of Tyrian heroes to march into the Wurm's domain and slay the giant creature. 
    The Triple Trouble event is a fast-paced, high-intensity event where three teams must coordinate their efforts to slay the three heads of the Wurm at the same time. Due to the large number of split-second decisions, TeamSpeak is required. No experience with the event is required, all tactics & mechanics are explained beforehand.

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We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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