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    25 May 2019 17:00

    Hello, everyone!
    June is just around the corner, and just like every year, we will be organising Tyria Pride, an in-game march across all of Central Tyria to show support to our LGBTQ+ friends & guildies!
    The Tyria Pride event is planned for end of June, our current most likely candidate being the 2nd to last weekend of the month! On top of that, we're hoping to do tons of pre-events all around June, and here's where you come in!   To pull this off, and make Tyria Pride bigger than ever, we're inviting everyone to join us on the Tyria Pride volunteer / planning meeting, which will be happening on May 25th!  
    Meeting Information
    Date: Saturday, May 25th
    Time: 12 PM CDT | 19:00 CEST Teamspeak address: OpenCommunity   The meeting is open to both EU & NA volunteers! Whether you're a guild, a group, a community, or just an individual who wants to help out, join the meeting and see how you can get involved!  
    Meeting Topics
    Topics that we'll be discussing on the meeting will be finalizing all the event specifics, including locking in the dates, planning and discussing pre-events, as well as picking our fundraiser goal!
    Each year, during the event, we highlight a different LGBTQ+ related fundraiser. 2016: Orlando Pulse Club victims fund 2017: Rainbow Railroad, an organisation that helps LGBT individuals escape violence & persecution in their home countries 2018: The Human Rights Campaign Foundation For this year, we've got a couple ideas, such as ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association, but we're open to all suggestions until the fundraiser goal is locked in after the meeting. Our goal this year is to find an organisation which benefits the lives of queer people on an international level, and focuses on helping individuals directly.

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