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World Boss Train


This event repeats every 30 years until 24/05/17

Event details

Tyria is full of dangers, and heroes are called upon to cleanse those dangers! We are those heroes! Let us charge and rid the world of various centaur lords, svanir shamans, and monsters from other worlds!

This is a relaxed event, and it includes shenanigans, running around, and killing stuff while chatting with a nice music bot in the background. You can also drop by any time to chat without even joining us in-game! We can do some boss achievements if people need them, but overall it's just a nice place to chat and get loot. We might also get some achievements on the way! You can join us at any time during the three-hour event. We'll be wrapping up with the 17:00 Tequatl, ending in time for a short break before the Expedition!

13:45    -    Fire Elemental    
14:00    -    The Shatterer    
14:15    -    Great Jungle Wurm    
14:30    -    Modniir Ulgoth    
14:45    -    Shadow Behemoth    
15:00    -    Golem Mark II    
15:15    -    Svanir Shaman Chief    
15:30    -    Claw of Jormag    
15:45    -    Fire Elemental    
16:00    -    Admiral Taidha Covington + Karka Queen
16:15    -    Great Jungle Wurm    
16:30    -    Megadestroyer       
17:00    -    Tequatl the Sunless (Gathering at 16:45)

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