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Quaggans vs. Triple Trouble

Event details

The quaggans of Tyria have decided that they have stood on the sidelines of the battle for Tyria for far too long, and wish to join the fight against the enemies of Tyria! Join our quaggan-manders in Bloodtide Coast for at 21:20 CEST for an unforgettable battle against the Three-Headed Jungle Wurm!


We will gather in Bloodtide Coast on Thursday with a pocket full of Pink Quaggan Tonics and the faces of people not quite certain what they're getting into, gather up our armies of quaggans and defeat the Three-Headed Jungle Wurm! Or at least have a lot of fun trying ^^

We're inviting everyone to join us - whether you've never done Triple Trouble in your life, or whether you've done it so much you're sick of it! This will be a one of a kind disaster and we're just hoping to have a lot of fun doing it!


We'll start gathering 10 minutes earlier than usual, just to provide extra time for explanations as well as quaggan tonic sharing. If you're experienced at TT and already have a permanent Pink Quaggan Tonic (or a handful of single-use ones), you can join us on the regular time at 21:30 CEST!

As a bonus, anyone who connects to Teamspeak before 21:30 CEST with a quaggan name will have to be greeted in true quaggan fashion by our coommanders!


Don your pink quaggan tonic and join the fray, all the while supporting Pink Day in LA! And don't worry if you forget your quaggan tonic in your other armor - our coommanders will be equipped with all the Pink Quaggan Tonics you could ever wish for! Quaggans, to arms!



  • Triple Trouble but everyone's a Pink Quaggan
  • Thursday, September 20th, 21:20 CEST
  • Teamspeak: ts.gw2oc.org
  • Experience required: None
  • Recommended gear: ~15 Pink Quaggan Tonics, or a permanent one, but quaggan tonics will also be provided.

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