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Treasure Hunt


Event details

The second ever Treasure Hunt on our server will take place on Sunday, the 30th of September, at 15:00 CEST!

Event Description

A unique treasure will be revealed - with a picture clue and a vague direction from spawn to go in. As time passes, more and more clues will be added, until the treasure is found!

The treasure is usually something unique, made with a command line - like an unbreakable tool or weapon with custom lore text - along with some valuable in-game items like emeralds, diamonds, redstone, etc.

Players can start from anywhere on the map, but the clue given about the direction of the treasure will be based on spawn as the origin point, so it's a good idea to come to the spawn hub for the event!

The treasure & clues will be posted on the forums, so you can join in on teamspeak or without it. As we've only done one test run beforehand, we'll be taking some live feedback about the event on TS as the event is progressing, so feel free to join us for that as well!


Depending on how the 1st Treasure Hunt goes, we'll be implementing some suggestions from the first run!

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Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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