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Commander School

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Ever wanted to learn more about the different teams, what they do, what the responsibilities of those teams are, as well as other ways to get involved and help the community? Well, this is the event for you!

Hey everyone!

What's this? Commander School? Aren't we dealing with enough school already? Grrr!

A lot of folks have recently expressed the desire to join the ranks of commanders, and since it's back to school season, we figured we'd name this event appropriately. Don't be turned off by the event's name, though, it's going to be a lot more informative than most school lessons I've been to! 😛 


So what is this event?

Commander School is a get-together on Teamspeak for anyone interested in being a commander, as well as for those interested in helping out the community in other ways. In addition to the Event Team, Raid Team, and the TT Team, we have a whole bunch of other aspects of the community that don't often get mentioned, that we want to give our members the chance to get involved with!

The event will feature two parts - a brief overview of the different teams & roles in the community, and a Q&A section where we answer any questions people may have about specific roles and tasks in the community. Whether you want to know what's expected of someone on the TT Team, why the Event Team is't doing X or Y event, or if you can help out with something we don't seem to have a role for, everyone's invited to join in the conversation!

After the event, if you're interested in joining any of these teams or helping out with any of the roles, you can proceed straight into the sign-up interview, where we can get you all set up in the team of your choice!


So whether you're interested in being a commander, or just interested to hear more about how things work here at OC, you're invited to join us on (in?) Commander School!

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