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I wanted to go with Website Wednesday or Feature Friday, but there's no clever alliteration for Saturday and websites, so Website Whotsit it is!

A very common piece of feedback we receive about our website is that people feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of it, and all the features on it. Our website is pretty massive and has a lot of features and tools that can be used for members to more easily keep track of things they're interested in, and to participate in the community and get more involved, but we don't really have a guide.

Well, while waiting for a guide to spring out of the ground and write itself (😛), I figured we could do a little get together where we go through some of the features on our website, help people who have any questions, and discuss and take suggestions about features or changes for the future!

So come for a chat on Saturday at 18:00 CEST for a little guided tour through the website, its features & functionality, what all you can do with it, and a Q&A & suggestions section at the end as well.

Hope to see you there!

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Sitetour Saturday
Or it could be called Site-Tour-Day

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