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Whether we're shouting high noon or shearing beefalo, this is the place for discussing all our favorite games.

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  2. Various screenshots and stuff from games I guess! ?
  3. I've extended the city a bit, with some high density housing, and bigger hexagons! I think looks-wise, it still leaves a bit to be desired, but I'm not a very patient person ? But one thing I always like doing in Cities: Skylines is just fly around in free camera mode and take lovely screenshots. It's so relaxing ?
  4. Hexagons are my favorite shape, and I decided I'd make a town based on them in Cities: Skylines! I spend a while figuring out exactly how to do it, but then I just decided to start making roads of equal length with 120° angles, and voila, hexagons! Although there does seem to be a tiny margin of error, despite the angle text saying 120°, which results in some occasional discrepancies, but nothing too major ? It's not the clearest screenshot but I might get some more down the line ? I started with the little district on the right, and the industrial section on the left, and then expanded when the demand for homes increased! This map has no rivers, so unfortunately I had to sacrifice one of the lakes to pump sewage into it, but cleaning it will be a priority later ? Right now I'm planning to make the middle bit in between the three sections into a giant nature reserve, which I think will make it look really nice! Then, the next thing I'll be looking into is expanding the city with some high density living spaces, for which I might use slightly bigger hexagons, but I'm not really sure how exactly I'm going to be pulling that off. These hexagons, although quaint, do have the problem that they're too small for certain more important buildings.
  5. I'll be around! Never played but I'll try to at least learn tbe basics before then.
  6. I've been looking at the responses, and taking into account that Saturdays often have to give way to things like meetings and special events, and my Fridays are already taken, I think the best time is going to be Wednesdays ^^ However, please note that just because I'm doing it on Wednesday, doesn't mean you can't do it on Fridays & Saturdays, there are clearly enough people who are interested in those two days, so if anyone wants to start their own game night, feel free to shout here ? So, if you're interested, join us on Wednesday at... shall we say.. 19:00 CEST, on Teamspeak! We'll be in a group channel somewhere ?
  7. Hey everyone! We were talking about possibly doing a night or two per week where we get together to play some Don't Starve Together! If you're interested, let us know! I'm also setting up a poll for which days people might be most interested in ^^
  8. As discussed during the OC Birthday, I'd like to follow up on this and see who is interested! Lelling, Slaywright and Viridian already expressed some interested (in fact, I'm blatantly stealing this idea from Lelling and Slaywright). Don't worry, no experience is expected or required, just gonna be a chill run through the game, nothing too serious! It's an old game, but it's a classic, a must play for everyone indeed! In game, parties go up to 8 people, so if we get more, we're gonna have to split up, but this is no problem! The more the merrier! If you don't own the game, you can buy it on the Blizzard Store OR I can loan up to 2 people a cd-key (since I own multiple copies) Let us know if you wanna game, and maybe some availability times!
  9. From the album: Lelling's Game Shenanigans

    Our lovely spawn from the OC server! I think this was taken on the day of release! Collaboration between me and @Saiface, @llandshark, @Kahiara! Was super proud of it ?
  10. It does? The caption says That's not that fancy, is it? According to a compare website my Radeon R9 390 seems comparable to that GPU ? But then again, ever since crptos exploded the GPU market I've been a bit out of the loop ?
  11. Except it needs a super-computer to run... hopefully that'll get optimized, though!
  12. So after some trials and tribulations, and a case of starvation I had to load from, I finished this challenge and completed all the milestones ? This was my village's final form ?
  13. Hello everyone! In our continuous effort to refresh and update our website, we've given a facelift to our old Let's Game forum. Welcome to the Let's Game club! The Let's Game club is the new go-to place to talk about anything game-related. Talk about your favorite games, share screenshots and discuss specific games the community's playing en masse, or just share stories from your single-player adventures! Joining the Club If you're already familiar with IPS clubs from our Creators' Corner, you'll be familiar with the functionalities here. If not, let's get right into it! To start posting, all you have to do is click on the "Join Club" button on the top right. Then you're in and you can start posting straight away. This doesn't have to be manually confirmed, so you can automatically join without any wait times. Note: If you posted any threads in the old Let's Game or Minecraft forum, you were automatically added to the club. You can leave and/or rejoin at will. Club Features The club feature is an easy way for people to tailor their browsing experience to what they're interested in, and not have a massive list of unread forums glaring at them when they load the page. Instead, a list of clubs will allow for browsing of content you're interested in. This club features two previous discussion boards - the Let's Game general discussion board and the Minecraft discussion board. It also features a new gallery which members can use to upload screenshots from their video game adventures. Following the content you like! One of IPS' best features is the ability to follow specific things, and set how exactly you wish to receive notifications regarding certain things. When you click Follow on a particular thread, forum, gallery, or any other database, it will give you a notification of your choice when something is posted. This makes it really easy to keep in touch with the things you like to see! You can choose to follow specific threads, people, or even entire categories, and individually set the notifications for each one. For example, if you'd like to receive notifications whenever anything, from posts, to images, to comments, is posted in the the club, you can follow the Club Overview itself. Alternatively, if you just want to get updates when new images are posted in a specific album, you can follow that. Using the Gallery The brand new empty gallery may appear a little bit scary at first, but it can be used very easily, so don't be scared to post in there! If you go to the Screenshot Gallery tab in the club, you should see an "Add Images" button. Click the button, and you'll get a popup asking if you want to add images to the category directly, create a new album, or if you want to use an existing album. If it's your first time posting, or if you're beginning to post a new project, the best option is to "Create a new album", so all your related images are contained in the same place. Once you've created the album, you can upload images to it at will, and users will be able to comment individually on pictures, or on the entire album. You can also post updates or link to the album from anywhere else on the website. Give Feedback & Share Suggestions The club set up is flexible and can be changed according to our needs, so if the current set up ends up being not exactly what we need, it can be expanded, contracted, or reworked in a way that makes it more convenient to use! Let us know what you think about the features and whether you find them useful, or if anything is missing! As always, if there are any issues, you can message me here on the website directly, or reply to this thread!
  14. Everyone who's heard me talk about wanting to make my dream game could suspect that I'd absolutely want to check out Dawn of Man ? It uses so many of the elements I wanted to see in what I would one day hope to make, and I've been having some fun playing it! Dawn of Man is a survival city builder where you get to build an ancient settlement - hunt, gather, and eventually discover agriculture and metalworking and all the good things! It's really cool and handles certain things really well, like how you learn tech points by doing things (particularly doing new things), or the intuitive and useful mix of micromanagement vs. automation. Overall, it's a really cool indie title and I'd definitely recommend checking it out on Steam. Here's some screenshots from my game so far - I love a good timelapse ? If anyone else picks it up, let me know! Show me your settlement!


We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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