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  2. Sloan Sabith

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Hello, my old discord account got disabled. Please verify my new one: Moose#4142
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  4. i say fairplay to all that give there free time and effort to organise these things and keep things going! EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE! at some point needs a break and a wind down so doing it as a whole makes sense and will inject a bit of buzz about the community when its revival happens.... absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that! im shocked and saddened to hear that people within this community would threaten you personally and your finances with lawsuits!!! its beyond crazy the one thing that attracted me and the majority of the NUTS guild was the fact that everyone here seemed nice helpful fun and all inclusive! so from me and my guild i want to thank lelling and all the other OC staff and event organisers helpers raid leaders generally chatty people within this community and im sure when everything is back full swing it will be better than ever So all take as much time as you need refresh your battery's Much Love xxx
  5. Horox

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Hello Hope this thread is still checked from time to time Horox#6283
  6. I replied to Dawnkeeper on Discord, where he also asked the question, but I really should reply here as well, so I'll post the (slightly paraphrased) reply here: Posting any specific information on how that's going on is difficult. In the past we've had a lot of (both accidental and malicious) jumping to conclusions, false interpretations and spreading of unconfirmed rumors whenever making partial announcements, and it's something we wish to avoid and want to write something more complete. Basically, there's an environment where me just saying "I've been thinking about the possibility of X and Y" has led to some serious fallout (and personal attacks), and it's not something I'm interested in experiencing again. I can say that we are definitely working on a future for OC, rather than giving up on the project. And I'm hoping we'll be able to inject some FRESHNESS into everything. I'm feeling really positive about what we're cooking up - positive not just for the people who agree with OC's ideals and the way OC's been ran in the past, but also for those who wish things had been run a bit differently. It's really exciting and I'm hoping everyone will like it. Keeping that in mind, I'll reply to your other stuff as well ^^ (And perhaps that'll make it more clear why we're being so cautious with what we want to write in the announcement) I find "the event team can't organize events" to be very strange wording. All Teams have been suspended and were effectively disbanded when we went into downtime. It's not that the Event Team can't organize events, it's that the Event Team doesn't exist. And neither do the other teams. We just decided that while we decide exactly what we want to do with the teams - whether we want to reform them in pretty much the same way they existed up to now but with new leadership, whether we want to change their internal structures, whether we want to make a single new team, or something else entirely - rather than remove everyone's tags, we're just going to "freeze" them as they are, since, while the teams no longer exist, the people in those teams do still exist, and can do events - no point making it harder for them to do so by stripping them of the tags (it also makes it easier for us to regroup after the downtime is over). This is also one of the reasons there were no promotions in the TT Team leading up to the downtime - since we knew the trainee hierarchy was going to be reworked for sure. Regarding Minecraft - it was something I was really looking forward to as well, particularly running a server which has community-wide goals and events / challenges that everyone can participate in, but based on the response we got, it's not something people really wanted - neither to participate in as members, nor to help in preparing these events and running the server as team members. Basically, people just wanted a server where they can do whatever and the admins will spawn whatever they want for them at any time, which is not something we're interested in running. The server will stay up, but all general plans have been put on hold for now. Organizing events and managing teams was a daily, time-consuming and mentally exhausting task - which no one else wanted to do. By the time we went into the downtime, I was the temporary team manager of both the TT Team and the Event Team, and keeping things going as they were up to that point was the equivalent of using a spoon to try and save a ship from taking up water. Staff members would get several messages on a daily basis, on discord, in-game and on the website, writing in with questions, requests, and most commonly, demands. In the weeks leading up to our decision to go into downtime, I also got two threats of lawsuits (ridiculous but stressful nonetheless) and even threats of physical violence by someone who had my address (I put my return address on all OC packages that go out, so a lot of people have my address). Pressing the proverbial "pause" button on the community was the only way to gain some distance and allow us to evaluate the community, its teams, and everything that's going on, without having to fight 5 fires at any given time while trying to figure out the best way to keep the fires from happening. It also didn't help that some of the very people we relied on in our own teams would turn on us and try to set fire to the firetruck. It also gave us a nice insight into how much of our community is actually a community, and how much is just people wanting someone to organize events for them and who see OC as a service provider. Basically, everything that makes OC a community is still up and active, the only things that have been properly suspended are things that made us a service provider. But like I said above, we're not giving up on the project just yet The idea of shutting down did come up, but while I can't speak for the other staff members, I still believe there's a lot of good we can do!
  7. Sita Droowan

    Serpents' Ire


    Is there a chance to get a new Serpent's Ire event scheduled anytime soon? That would be very nice. Didn`t find anything according to that on your ts3-channel.
  8. It is a very legit question in my opinion. As Lelling earlier said: So it got me curious aswell (since there were a bunch of plans for Minecraft and Guild Wars 2 aswell back then) any news of what's happenning at the moment? The raid team is on a break for quite a while, the event team can't organize events, I'm kind of unsure how the TT team does at the moment and the Minecraft server is practically empty most of the time. Improving features and getting more organized is always nice, but from the start, I didn't really understand why is everything getting "shut down". If there are features of the website or the community that needs some work, it could've been done hidden from sight, while it's only accessible to testers and people who work on them. I don't mean to hurry anyone and I believe that's not what Dawnkeeper is intending to do either, but it would be nice to know what's going on with the whole community.
  9. So over the festive period people entered into our in house competition for 2 prizes - HoT expansion or PoF expansion- if the winners already had either expansion it was a precursor of their choice!!! so 1st prize - NINJA ARWEN 2nd prize - ANNALISE Sorry its a few days late you guys know how busy i get this time of year" ... Happy new year!!!! next competition will be out soon!!!!
  10. Dawnkeeper

    OpenCommunity Scheduling & Website Downtime

    It's been two months. Any news?
  11. Hello Dyblin I'm also a supporter of this idea since at least for me Fractals are a lot of fun on a daily base, there is a great learning curve for the Fractals. So I could imagine people enjoying this kind of activity. But there are a few questions that come to my mind if I think about this idea and these are probably not all question that should be answered. For example, the Question that I have if we take a look and think about this "project" in like 1-month running time. 1. Are there any people even interested in learning Fractals starting at Tier 1? 2. Are there people interested in teaching people for Fractals, how often can this be organized in a week. 3. If not everyone is on the same pace of learning speed, how you are able to handle that situation. To call out just a few Questions, so we could start this project by asking: Are you( everyone ) interested in learning how to do these Fractals? Or are you an experienced Player in these Fractals and you would like to teach others. Let me know what you think about the idea. I also wane hear the criticism of why this project could not work. *Holding the hat in the hands and bowing* Yaanawo
  12. Granted, I'm not the most regular or players, but given the number of calls for fractal players I see in chats, wondering if it would be helpful to have regular Fractals runs similar to the Raids ones. Just thinking, many of the calls are for T4, and there are probably quite a few people who'd love to put their hands up, but they're not at T4 yet, so having something like this, possibly at each level, might take off. Then again, it might tank, dunno if fractals really are still that popular
  13. Hope that OC comes back soon. Would love to join some events in my holiday.


  14. Fatal

    Guild hall photos

    its a bit different now
  15. Vouzenthal

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Hey there, Xander#7272
  16. Lelling

    Crusader Kings Shenanigans!

    So @Yuudai and I have been playing CK2 a lil bit since the new update and I figured I'd put up some choice screenshots here from time to time. The newest update allows the player to create random rulers & titles, as well as a funky setting that creates some very interesting animal rulers I naturally picked the Ruler Whomst Is Cat, and Yuudai went for the doggo of the prestigious dynasty of Goodboy. I didn't take a screenshot of the world right at the start but this is pretty much near it The glowy bit is Yuudai's and the amber bit is mine. We actually didn't plan on being neighbors but that's where the doggos and the cats live
  17. Elhora

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    hello i joined a while ago, but totally forgot to come here, so here is my account : elhora#1424
  18. Golok

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Hey, just recently joined - Golok#8195
  19. Natsmaru

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Hello, Shooting Star#9422, thanks ^^
  20. Serpentes

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Serpentes#9993 Hello Lelling: Confirmed.
  21. Zeref

    OpenCommunity Discord verification thread!

    Zeref#0840 Lelling: Confirmed
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