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Special guidelines for this forum:

  • Avoid making multiple threads in this forum. Use your thread here as a personal postcard or just a hello to the community. This forum is not intended for discussions.

Standard community & forum guidelines apply:

  • Please treat others with kindness, civility and respect. Always be considerate of others when posting or sharing content.
  • We are an all-ages community, meaning content & behaviour should be appropriate for people of all ages. Any topics, forums, or subforums should be labeled with an appropriate content warning.
  • You may not share or post content which harasses, threatens, embarrasses or causes distress to other members.
  • Homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, racism, and other forms of hate speech will not be tolerated. This is a warning - there will not be a second one.
  • Linking to, posting, or otherwise sharing sexually explicit, harmful or illegal content is strictly prohibited.
  • Please refrain from derailing threads, opening double threads, or bumping threads without adding to the discussion. Together, we can keep the forums tidy.
  • Avoid double posts. If you want to add something to your original post, edit it instead of adding an additional reply. In cases of progress updates or adding additional content to a showcase thread, double posts are acceptable.

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