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So... here I am. Confused as always.

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Greetings dashing gentlemen and charming ladies,

I have joined this nice place after doing the triple trouble event for bit more than a week with your esteemed community. While being a pretty new newbie, I started with gw2 this summer, and being dumb as a piece of well molded bread in a damp, warm place, I did have a lot of fun and it seemed to me, that I wasn't totally useless So after contemplating the matter for a while (another forum? well, why not), I clicked on the correct buttons and here I am.

My characters are a constantly down sylvari elementalist (Chryspelaia), an always at the wrong place sylvari guardian (Amalabairga), an I-dont-know-what-she-is-doing-but-it-is-cute asuran mesmer (Gwinqui) and a pretty clueless charr ranger (Micestomper). There is also a human necromancer (Liuthilde) but she does not like it, if I talk about her. 


About me: I am older than last years christmas candy (40), male and proud beard owner. I do work, but people shy away when I mention what I am doing (it is legal and very evil. HR for example). 

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19 hours ago, VAH1976 said:

...being dumb as a piece of well molded bread in a damp, warm place...

I like your way with words, I've been looking for a way to describe my condition for so long! :D

I'm sure you're actually great and welcome to OC :3

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Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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