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Suggestion: Raid Scheduler (of some kind).

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I had this idea before that I thought might be nice for the gw2 section of the community where people can schedule a raid for a specific time and day where others can sign up to build a roster for. I mainly thought of it because when you don't have a group to regularly raid with it can be hell trying to find a pug that needs your specific class/build only to have the raid fall apart after 2-3 attempts.

Maybe there could be different types as well like introductory raids where maybe 5 people are experienced and another 5 are new, since it would be a nice way to get more people into raiding without going through the LFG only to be turned down because they're not experienced enough. And to keep it from being just another LFG tool on a forum maybe only certain people (commanders) could schedule them?

It's just a rough idea, let me know if you think it's terrible or could be okay!

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Sounds like a pretty cool idea ^^

Until something like that happens, though, you can always use the guilds & TeamSpeak to coordinate that sort of stuff. After Triple Trouble, there's usually about a 100 people in the channel, which is a great time to ask for others who might be interested, and if you're in any of the community guilds, just asking in guild chat can get you great results as well ^^

You can also use the LFR channel under the group channel, or move to a group channel and add [LFR]/[LFM] to your name to signify you're looking for more people ^^

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