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LEGO - my own creations

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I'm huge fan of LEGO since early '90s and I hope I'm not alone with it here :)

Just few years ago I can get enough bricks to make my dreams come true and start to build reall stuff.

Some of My Own Creations [LEGO community is calling it as shortcut: 'MOC'] can be watched on huge exhibitions in my country. Favorite topic is of course Star Wars, the original saga and old canon, now called by Dinsey 'SW Legends'. 

Here are few pictures of my MOCs:


Tusken Raider and his bantha after sandstorm on Tatooine.



Rey's Speeder from "SW Force Awakens" modified to xmas theme ;)



Marsz Wilków ["March of Wolves"], taken from movie scene that you cn find HERE



Modification of Corellian freighter YT-1300. One of modified models of it was famous "millenium Falcon", my own was build on LEGO set 7965, with few new features :)



MrGutsy of Fallout 4 ;)





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Wow dude these are great! I am a huge fan of lego, I spent thousands of hours building stuff when I was a kid, it's probably a large part of the reason I got into Mechanical Engineering, always had a good mind for being creative :D

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For huge fantasy convent - PYRKON 2017 - few ppl from Lego PL Fanclub are creating exhibition themed "Dark Forest Of Elves". My part is from The Witcher's lore: Scoia'tael camp, Dark Tower at swampland and Place Of Power, here how it looks like - 4 baseplates (small part of over 70 bp total):


Scoia'tael camp closer view:

Toruviel on way to fight undead Dark Tower guard:


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"Dark Forest Of Elves" on PYRKON 2017, creation of 18 people (my part is pretty easy to find cause of Dark Tower) :


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Thanks guys :)

I know that title "My Own Creations" sounds like it should be only my stuff, but "MOC" is name of everything everybody build without instruction from LEGO bricks, thats how LEGO fanclub calls it. So FEEL FREE TO POST HERE YOUR CREATIONS AS WELL! I will be very glad to see your models in this topic :)

As model returned to me after 2 huge exhibitions i could made pictures of it at last!
This is Insipired by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt "Scoia'tael Camp".


Full gallery with details can be found on ma flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm1xYFRt


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Blacktron Collection Fall 2017
38314989776_e1812bda77_z.jpg00 Blactron Overview by Kocur Velox, on Flickr

Only official set here is the one on bottom right - 6941 Battrax, oldie, as its from 1987. 

The big one on right top you already saw - its my construction "Harvester".

All rest were created in last two weeks, here are some more pictures of "Ace", "Dronar" and two micromachines :)

38369877381_b63c946290_z.jpg01 Blacktron Ace by Kocur Velox, on Flickr

26594258209_e0643ea6bd_z.jpg02 Blacktron Ace ground crew by Kocur Velox, on Flickr

37655623214_7a071dceec_z.jpg04 Blacktron Ace Wheel Module overview by Kocur Velox, on Flickr

38339176902_b03c35202f_z.jpg05 Ace Wheeled Module overview by Kocur Velox, on Flickr

24499297768_44815ae75c_z.jpg10 Blacktron Ace Walker Module by Kocur Velox, on Flickr

38369902911_8d6955cd50_z.jpg01 Microfighters Battrax Comparison by Kocur Velox, on Flickr

38369897561_f16405c4b5_z.jpg02 Microfighters Alienator and Battrax by Kocur Velox, on Flickr

37655642924_a9bb9a13c2_z.jpg05 Blacktron Dronar main by Kocur Velox, on Flickr

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fixin typos ;)
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Always nice to see someone got inspired by other creations :)

My new stuff is Steampunk themed. There you go:
Steampunk Marines by Kocur Velox, on Flickr

It's boarding/desant team for Ironclad I'm building right now. 

Transport mode:

27333444969_1749a20ac6_q.jpg 25244308828_c068192743_q.jpg 27333442529_1cd74b9abe_q.jpg 25244305468_d008f12025_q.jpg

Driver is standing not sitting, here is with front panel taken off:

Combat mode:

25244299318_10976e44bc_m.jpg 39110948321_17b75fbf6a_m.jpg 38229328535_fb264e8b75_m.jpg 39110947311_4a50a9831c_m.jpg

Whole gallery here.


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