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Adventures of Mars Bar the Martian Cat

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A few months ago, I adopted a stray abandoned kitten, and a lot of community members have been following up on how it's been doing - so here's the thread for the one, the only - Mars Bar the Martian Cat!

Week 1-4: He was literally dropped in my lap and suddenly I was a parent!






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Month 2: he already looks so much healthier


And already started claiming various surfaces as sleeping quarters



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31 minutes ago, Chef said:

You have long nails, otherwise, cute.


OH WOW! I never noticed, thanks! And to think these babies have been growing for WEEKS without me noticing. :o

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9 hours ago, Lelling said:


OH WOW! I never noticed, thanks! And to think these babies have been growing for WEEKS without me noticing. :o

Woah pretty nails.. so jelly. And tell me you have a mechanical keyboard too :D Love that sound!

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Ok that's enough of my face ^^

Back to what really matters - THE CAT!

Month 3 update:

We got a scratch-post thingy!


He loves it:


Also - he got himself in a bit of trouble the other day



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Sweet, he looks like my kitty when she was little :3 (put a picture here, but it's Martian only thread so removed it XD)

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Martian only, removed pic :P

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This cat looks so sweet, so pure. And it's okay that the vase broke. It wasn't his fault. I blame gravity.

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Hey guys! Sorry there hasn't been an update for AGES! But I've been super busy & I need to resize & crop the images every time :P 

So it's been a long month and Mars Bar sure has grown :D So this is an overview of February - Month 4! - this is going to be a lot of pictures so get ready for CAT!

Here he is helping me create a character in Black Desert:


He's just been growing longer & longer, but not putting on any weight :P


He also likes to sleep on my face sometimes!


OH we've also discovered another place he likes to sleep in


He also enjoys tunnels mate out of boxes (runs into them Maru-style, but unfortunately I didn't manage to get any footage of that ^^)


Here's him at the beginning of the month (unsuspecting of his impending doom)


And this is him 3 weeks after the picture above, as you can see he's starting to fill out :P 


He likes to sleep like this as well


I don't know what the heck that pose is meant to be but he seems to like it :P 

He also is starting to have more and more encounters with Micka, our older cat (they're not related)


She's not a fan :D. She's an outdoor cat so she doesn't understand his lazy lifestyle :P

BUT in truth - he's not lazy at all! Here he is helping me out with some project stuff (I had to blur one of the screens cause it contained secrets)


AND that's all folks! We'll have more updates up soon, we'll quite probably have our first trip to the vet soon, which is bound to be an adventure ^^

Oh, and here's an extra gif of Micka trying to catch a fake mouse :D



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This baby doesn't have a care in the world



^ not helping with the ol' mouse there

He also loves his new radiator bed


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Long overdue update!


From today's World Boss Train. He was there the entire time and just opened his eyes to mew for cuddles every now and then!


Also: when you get so hungry you start eating polystyrene


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He's such a gorgeous kitty, such a shiny coat! You're a hero to adopt him and take such good care of him. I remember him eating the Styrofoam :D

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