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A Guide to Posting a Guide

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Here's some quick tips to posting a guide:

  • Present a quick & short summary of what your guide is trying to achieve & where it's useful
  • Divide your guide into several portions. For example:
    • Concept - Explain the thoughts behind why this guide is needed and what you hope to achieve with it
    • Theory - Go through what kind of skills, items, armor, traits, etc. are needed
    • Practice - Explain how these should be applied to get the best out of them
    • Application - Test out what your guide is teaching, and provide the results
  • Pictures are always nice, but don't go too big or too fancy
  • Don't be afraid of non-meta playstyles & builds, variety is one of the greatest things in the universe!
    • Make sure to outline what your guide is useful for, and what its limitations are 

It doesn't matter if your guide is 300 or 3000 words, as long as it's informative enough for other players to replicate what you're doing ^^

Good luck!

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