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Critical Role!

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After the end of LARPs, The Guild, and Titansgrave, I needed more Geek&Sundry shows. I NEEDED them.

So on their twitch, I found Critical Role - and it's the best show I've ever watched.

Do you like fun? Do you like tabletop games? Do you like voice actors? THEN WHY are you not watching Critical Role?

So here's what CritRole is - it's a D&D game that a couple of voice actors have been playing for 2 years before the show started. They streamed it as an experiment on the Geek&Sundry twitch and it's become their most successful show!

If you're not that much into Pen & Paper games and you'd like to see how that all works out I would suggest watching Titansgrave (linked above) first, it comes with a more directed script, action edits & regular-length episodes :P 

Critical Role is hours upon hours of unedited fun (and sometimes confusion :D). The voice actors should be familiar to most of us, if not by name, then by voice, as they include a lot of Guild Wars 2 voices, Blizzard game voices, various anime, as well as notably the voice of Ellie in The Last of Us.

I just learned today that Episode 1 has reached a million views. A note about the show - as it progresses, the G&S twitch network becomes substantially larger, their equipment improves, and the quality of the sound improves a TON. So I would suggest everyone to WATCH THIS SHOW right MEOW.

So where can I watch the show?

Recently, the show has gotten so much attention they did a short one-off episode with Vin Diesel (who is also a D&D fan), called D&Diesel, which is absolutely delightful to watch :D.

If you would like to see a short 4-minute clip of the kind of stuff that happens in CritRole:

Or more recently

There is drama


There is combat


There's a triceratops battle at some point


And there's a Geralt costume for halloween because why not



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I recently started playing D&D for the first time (2 sessions total) and it definitely does not fill my need for D&D, so I 
started watching acquisitions incorporated. but they dont have many shows sadly, and I've already ran out. Then I remembered
I saw this here and checked it out. done first two episodes now, and not planning to stop any time soon. (chat is distracting though,
sometimes I find myself rewinding because I missed the DM saying something important..)

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Thanks, this is a great find.


I've watched some Geek&Sundry stuff before but had not watched any Critical Role. I've now seen the last few episodes and they're a great laugh. Highly recommended. 

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Someone get me a time turner because CritRole, too, is awesome but I just don't have the time to watch everything in the world D:

I will catch up yet!

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On 10.08.2016 at 10:45 AM, Sithicus said:

Pressure keeps mounting for me to watch this, I will capitulate soon

*sudden voices in your head whispering eerily 'resistance is futile, all your base are belong to ussss...'*

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19 hours ago, Arvinthir said:

So I've just read the latest Rat Queens issue and:


Yaaaas that's the one they were talking about! (it's not the latest is it? I've seen this posted on tumblr months ago).

There was also that episode of CritRole where Marisha & Laura dressed like this:


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HEY remember this thread? ?

Well, a lot has happened since I made it, and CritRole is now in its second campaign for a while, and they just started a kickstarter for a special animated episode, which hit its goal in less than an hour and is now about to hit 4 million USD, still within 24 hours of being announced.

I love this show and the people on it continue to be an inspiration to me, and I'm so happy to see them succeed!


If you're a fan of fantasy animation - check it out!


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