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Hey folks!

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Hey, Taas here!
I'm a 28 yo lighting desinger from germany, which is one of those guys in black beside a concert stage, usually with some cables in hand.

I was talked into starting GW2 by friends in DV and actually joined in on my first day. Currently exploring the game, getting confused a lot and falling from rooftops while exploring the beautiful world. I cant say for sure where my goals in this game lie, but generally I am more the PVE guy, altough I do like to hunt for scalps when I feel like it. For now I'm happy to start the journey through GW with a good community already!
Besides GW2 I currently play Nuclear Throne and Endless Legend with a couple of friends. Generally I play roguelikes, rpgs (propper ones with numbers and such), turn based tactical stuff, indie games and pretty much everything thats either challenging with good systems or appealing due to whatever. The likes of Dark Souls, Binding of Isaac or Kentucky Route Zero. I have to admit a very long history with wow and diablo, so Blizzard got a hunge chunk of my soul already, the pieces that zelda and quake left over anyways. I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer anymore, but i still see permadeath as the only option viable when it is available :) I've been playing videogames for probably 20 years of my life now, onward to the next!

When I dont play i read a lot (on paper!), watch movies as some kind of a hobby or either make or listen to music aswell as the usual other stuff us crazy internet denizens do. I do tend to talk a lot, but i guess that's what a forum is made for.

To adventure and shinies!
cheers Taas


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Oh, hey Taas ^^

Glad that you wrote Introduce Yourself thingie!

Hope you had fun on Guild Missions yesterday :DD

I think you will like this Guild Wars 2 journey. Game is really amazing :pp

And indi games. yay \o/

Ah! Almost forgot. Welcome to the forums~

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Well, i did not understand all of what we did yesterday I guess, but I had fun anyways. I am not the only one with the mobility of a wheelchair when it comes to jumppuzzles :D

Yes xcom, one more turn and i will answer the question... Yes I do play it quite a lot, altough not that good, currently strugling on classic iron man in xcom ew, my rig wont allow me to play xcom2 with good graphics, so i gotta wait for a couple of weeks more. (tbh i guess it would just die if I dare launch it^^)

Fingers crossed to a new Jagged Alliance!

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