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Because why not?

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Hello all,

I am 23 years old guy from little country in Europe called Slovakia. I work as front-end developer while finishing my master thesis to get my diploma.

As for my hobbies, it is quite the list, but let's see. I like board games, have a little collection of them with my GF and I love to read rule books. I also help out the local board game store at various event with explainings for the guest. Another thing I like to do is watch various series and anime, I am currently watching for example: Lucifer, Arrow, Flash, The Blacklist, Agent Carter and a few more. As for anime, you can check out my MyAnimeList profile (http://myanimelist.net/profile/Cubeo) that I use to keep track of what I am watching. That gets me to another of my activities and that is I used to be a photographer at local anime conventions and now I transitioned into making aftermovies instead. I am not proud of every aftermovie I produced, but I am getting better and love doing them. And last, but not least I like to play video games (DUH.), some RPGs, games with various puzzles and things with unique and somehow interesting mechanics in them. I am a big Portal fan and I loved all of the Shadow run games. I don't believe I will ever play all of the games I got on steam through sales and humble bundles.

Regarding GW2, I have been bewitched by GW1 when I tried it for my first time (it was around the time Nightfall was released) and played a lot of that. So I jumped on the hype train when GW2 was announced and rode it to playing about GW2 for about 0.75 year after realease, when Fractals and Legendaries were the only things for me left to do. So being the "filthy casual" that I am, I stopped playing GW2, caring for other things in my life more. Fast forward through eta 3 comebacks that ended in about 2 weeks, a few weeks ago I tried Blade and Soul, but something was missing there for me and thus I returned to GW2. So I picked up HoT, got an invite to TKT through a friend and we are in the present.

I will probably not speak much on TS, as there is usually another person in the room with me, but I gladly listen to all advice and instructions when needed :)

Oh, and I have 2 cats :D Kenzi named after the character from Lost Girl and Mindy named after Hit-Girl

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Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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