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Announcing the OpenCommunity Minecraft server!

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It's been 84 years...

Hi everyone,

Our 2nd grand announcement before the Community Weekend is that OpenCommunity is opening our very own Minecraft server! Yaaay!

We'll be opening it up to everyone on Sunday, May 14th, after the Community Week!


What's the game type?

We decided to go with a small survival server to start with and see how that goes :D We are definitely open to also starting up a creative world later on, but survival can often be more engaging as there is at least a small element of effort required in order to explore, build, and survive!


Are there going to be any mods?

We're starting out with a minimally modded server, or possibly even completely vanilla, and will be looking at possible ways to enrich everyone's experience by adding more later. However, mob griefing will be turned off, which means that those pesky creepers wont be able to damage players' constructions.

Tell us your suggestions for mods you'd like to see by replying to this thread! :D


How do I join?

Address: minecraft.theopencommunity.org:25569

New Address: minecraft.theopencommunity.org

Do note that we are using a whitelist in order to ensure everyone can have a fun time in the game! Getting access to the server is easy - simply use the Minecraft whitelist form (you must be logged in on the forums in order to access it), enter your Minecraft username, and you'll be whitelisted as soon as we get to it :D. You can already submit the whitelist request in order to be able to jump right in once we unveil the address and open the server!



Community Member icon!

We have also added a brand new Community Member icon for those who wish to rep their Minecraft loyalty :D Anyone whitelisted on the server can get it by just asking a Moderator, Community Manager or Admin! Do note that only one Community Member tag can be active at a time.

OCMCF.png Community Member - Minecraft


New Moderator!

We're also super happy to say that one of our long-standing GW2 Team members has joined the OC Moderator ranks in order to specifically focus on making sure everything in Minecraft is going smoothly - @Saipuff!



If you have any questions, queries, comments or complaints, let us know below or contact us via the Feedback Form!

We are really looking forward to starting this next step on OC's journey!


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Oh cool, used to play a lot of minecraft when I was young(er).

Always enjoyed playing on servers until people started stealing shit but since we're already a community that won't happen :) 

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I suppose what I'd want to see most as a mod (if nothing else), would be some kind of a storage mod that either adds bigger chests or barrels or both. A minimap is also very nice (and something I've noticed I severely miss now that I don't have it). When it comes to bigger mods, I guess something that makes the biomes more versatile (Natura comes in mind), and maybe some tech/magic/crafting mod.

For me personally things that just add more aesthetics to the game are nice too, more things to decorate and more options on how (and what of) build your base. ^^

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The OpenCommunity Minecraft server is open! Woop woop!

Address: minecraft.theopencommunity.org:25569


We've also added some new Minecraft dedicated channels on Teamspeak! You can find them under the brand new Minecraft section!

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I have a minor suggestion with regards to improvements for the server:

I think many people would enjoy having mcmmo as well as allowing teleporting. Random porting, tpa and specific location teleports would be super useful with a timeout as it would help a lot with getting to places you need/want to be. And I can finally check out all the awesome places people keep telling me about :)

Also, perhaps it would be a good idea to provide land claiming r land protection blocks to prevent people from mining under or inside other people's land

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On 06/10/2018 at 16:12, jimmy76 said:

Who is in charge of this? i mean who invite ppl, i made an application for Bellabubb.

It's @Saiface 😄 


As far as I can see, that username has already been whitelisted.

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1 hour ago, jimmy76 said:

thanx for changing the adress here 😉 now it works thanx 

Yeah, this was the old post, the newer post about the new server was higher up in the thread until this one was bumped up ^^

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We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

Gamers Giving Back

GGB Toga Website

We're a proud partner of Gamers Giving Back, the charity organisation created by gamers to raise funds for important causes through in-game events!

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