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What Classes/Builds are desirable?


When choosing which character to play, are there classes or builds that are more or less desirable in a raiding party?

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The simple answer is: yes, some classes and builds are more desirable than others. But the devil is in the detail.

When compared with other content, raids are very heavy on mechanics. In order to survive those, raiding squads need to be filled with classes at certain builds, which are appropriate for the specific encounter. In other words, classes and builds need to be able to fulfill a certain role.

As the game changes (with balance updates, addition of new stat combinations/runes/sigils/foods, new elite specializations), so do the most desirable classes/builds for specific roles. Also, with time strategies for specific raid encounters are refined. And although often a best class/build for a specific role exists, raids can be done with different setups, as long as they fulfill that role on a satisfactory level.

To give a more practical answer: When starting with a new encounter, it's best to bring a class which you are familiar with, so you can concentrate more on getting used to mechanics. After picking a class, if you have no clue what build would suit you, you can ask around to learn what roles your class can fulfill in the current state of the game and what gear is required for those roles.

Also, when you sign up for an OC raid, read the encounter description and you will see which roles the raid leader wants in the squad.

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