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Community Week - May 6-13 2017! Screenshot Reenactment Challenge - Tuesday

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Hey everyone!

During the Community Week we will post one screenshot every day from Monday to Friday! Once it is posted, you have 48 hours time to find the location and recreate not only the screenshot, but also whatever the person in it is doing! Best / most creative approximation wins!


Here are the rules:

  • The locations are accessible without Heart of Thorns (no gliding, Central Tyria only)!
  • The locations are accessible by running or jumping (no leaps or other tricks required)!
  • Character race / class matching is not a requirement, a 100% match can score you points, but original solutions will also be rewarded!


And here is our second screenshot for Tuesday, May 9 2017:



This thread will lock itself on Thursday, May 11 2017, 18:00 CEST. Be sure to post your reenacted screenshots before that time!

Have fun!

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gw069.thumb.jpg.33cc1f5485ab489e05dc9b195e7d53ad.jpgReversed ZOO! Animals watching humans in their not-so-natural habitat.

People in the picture:

Tawni Eventide (waar kijk je naar.8713)


Lilly La Gavulin (Castus vom Rabenfels.8425)

Sapphyrelight (sapphyrelight.1893)

Ultimate Servant (Quotastic.7620)

Porkinazor (Porkinazor.9460)

Hellena Sama (NekoSama.8209)

Kinderzero (KinderOutlaw.5846)

Saga Rask (esctruth.5972)

Luxanna The First (Raccoon.8364)


Chalmar Starrybones (Natamonstar.2085)

and me, Renjín (Enyo.2590)


>>>>> If you were there and don't find your name here, please contact me in game and I'll edit it in. I'll recognize the name if you were actually there. (My phone messed up and your name might have been accidently deleted from my list before I put it here.) <<<<<


Big THANKS to everyone who made this possible :) <3


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