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Beginner Raid Weekend - March 12-13

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15 hours ago, BigWhiteShogun said:

We have 18 peps that won't to do it. If we gather two more we can set up two groups in stead of just one :)

I can confirm that I'm currently planning on setting up two raids on both days. However, the time slots will not change, as they were chosen specifically to not clash with some important things on those days.

I really do feel sorry that we're "excluding" you with these times, though, but unfortunately there'll never be a perfect time. That said, if this works out well and we do a repeat of this event later, I will make it a point to try to include even more people, especially those who missed out this time around.

There are currently no plans of three groups, since we need a certain amount of experienced players in each raid that can do explanations and lead etc. However, people are welcome to keep signing up. I'll try my best to fit in as many people as possible. Even if the raids do fill up completely, there'll probably be need of some backups in case someone suddenly can't make it.

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15 minutes ago, cheshader said:

A bit of off-topic (sry if gets in the way of organization), but Nag (and other community people) did you think about bringing in reddit ppl (meaning advertising there)? 

Just look at all those disappointed EU players: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/49glbi/raid_wing_1_giveaways_teaching_runs/

Yeah this would be nice indeed, but since the new raid wing is indeed coming today, I'll be at least fully focused on that today and Thursday, which really leaves me only those two spots on the weekend to spare to do these 'beginner raids'. Once we've cleared the new wing with my guild and gotten it under 'farm' (easily cleared each week), if I'm still around, I might be looking into doing something like this. :) But we need a _lot_ more people willing to lead and teach for this, since me and Nag can only spread ourselves to lead 2 groups in total.

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It's a nice thought, but not something we can afford to do this time around. It's the first time we're organizing something like this, and we're already having to organize 20+ people, out of which most are beginners.

If we repeat this, then expanding is a nice idea. But at the moment we want to get this off the ground more than anything else.

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IGN: Equus Albus (Grimweird.3856)

Experience: did two attempts at VG, ~ 3 hours total, have good understand at what needs to be done at VG, need practice executing it.

Classes: elementalist almost full ascended, rather experienced in mechanics. Can trait auramancer, but gear is zerker. Have several other 80s, but not geared yet and I don't know the mechanics and proper rotations.

Time: either day is fine.

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IGN Macstat (Macstat.1307)

Exp :

Purely theoretical. Watched some videos.

Classes :

Main Ranger Power Droid - http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Druid_-_Power_Glyph_Buffer  weapons, trinks  + chest ascended (planning on making healer but  lacking gear atm)

edit: Oh i guess i can go as offensive healer http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Druid_-_Offensive_Healer since it only requires me to change bow to staff

Backup Warrior phalanx - http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Berserker_-_Phalanx_Strength trinks asc


Both days are fine.

Edited by macstat

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Raids are now starting to take shape - we should have enough people to actually make the raids happen. With that said, final raid setup is not fixed yet and there is still room for several more signups, so if you're interested, don't be shy!

A thing I should have been clearer about: I have been assuming that everyone who signed up as "either" or "both" can show up on both the Saturday raid and the Sunday raid. Everyone who has signed up so far will get into at least one of the raid sessions, but it is also possible that several of you will be asked to join for both raid sessions (Saturday and Sunday). If you only want to join for one of the days (but don't care which), tell me and I won't "double sign you up".

I will probably post a tentative raid setup on Thursday, and certainly a "final" raid setup on Friday afternoon. Again, signups are still open!

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If you will have too many people, I can also lead a raid (or at least I think so) :D

  • Your in-game name: Major Flu
  • Your experience level: 10 Legendary Insights (killed all the bosses)
  • What classes you can play: dps Mesmer, Rev and I have not played but have: Druid, condi Engi, staff Ele, can maybe gear up tank Guard
  • If you want to join for the Saturday raid, the Sunday raid or both: can help with both

Of course if you don't need another leader, you don't have to count with me :D I am here just in case of attendants overflow ;)

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In Game Name: Sithicus Dias

Experience Level: Little bit of experience with Vale Guardian

Classes I can play: Warrior, Guardian, Revenant

Saturday/Sunday: Would like to join for both if possible

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  • IGN: Leigh Darby
  • Your experience level: None
  • Class: Berseker, Also play minion necro
  • Can join both days.

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In Game Name: Zogbon.3245

Experience Level: Little experience on Vale Guardian

Classes: Guardian, Elem Tempest, Druid,  Revenant, chronomancer

Saturday/Sunday: both if possible

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First i want to thank you for hosting this event, i wait for it since lsunch. =) ( 0038598440178 my number if u create some  ''Whats up, or Viber group'' =)
IGN: toniivo.2563

I complete vale guardian 2x with my small guild.
Best regards,

Antonio Dušić

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Classes: Full asc PS berserker and Full asc DH (dps)

I've completed vale guardian multiple times with a raid guild and pugs.

I believe I can join both both days, but I would rather go saturday (cause schedules)

Thank you for the event!

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In-game Name: Graudam
Experience Level: Moderate in PvE. Never done any raid :)
Classes: Engineer zerk, eqipment mixed exotic/ascended
Suturday raid

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In-game Name: Eis Lue Mirage
Experience Level: none 
Classes: Tempest condi/zerk  build made for burn but eq is zerk mostly. Exotic ascended weapons. warhon scepter
Suturday and/or Sunday :)

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In-game name: Kabaru.3964, Hornmoor

Experience: some vale guardian attempts

Classes: Berserker Tempest and Herald

Days: Both

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I will have to renege on my promise to have posted a raid schedule today, since I still need to communicate a bit with some more people. However, the schedule is more-or-less getting done.

I can sadly not guarantee that everyone who signed up since my last post gets in (although you may), and anyone signing up after this will probably end up as reserves (in case someone doesn't show up - which is rather likely). However, feel free to sign up if you are still interested, just be aware that there's no guarantee there will be a spot.

The finished raid schedule will still be posted tomorrow, no matter what.

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On 5.3.2016 at 1:59 PM, Nag said:
  • Your in-game name.
  • Your experience level. Keep in mind that since this is a Beginner Raid, it is totally fine to not have any experience, but the information is important for planning.
  • What classes you can play; especially important to note if you can do / want to learn "special jobs" like tank, healer and condi.
  • If you want to join for the Saturday raid, the Sunday raid or both (people who didn't get to join the Saturday raid have priority to join the Sunday raid, obviously).

Initially we are only planning to have one group (of ten people) on each day, but depending on number of signups and other factors we may have more groups. Tries are not expected to last more than a couple of hours, depending on people's attention levels and such. Don't expect an easy kill - or a kill at all - but expect to come in there and learn stuff.

In principle, anyone is welcome to join, but I will still have to set a few simple requirements:

  1. You must have HoT to enter the raid at all.
  2. You must have a level 80 character with at least exotic gear, and ideally ascended trinkets (minus backpack). More ascended makes it easier for you, though. Avoid Toughness on your gear at all costs unless you intend to tank - if you have even one point more Toughness than the tank, you will take aggro.
  3. Proper Runes and Sigils. Honestly these are much more important than having ascended gear.
  4. Having at least some food & utilities is kind of a big deal, too, but since this is learning raids you don't need the "best of the best", just something that pads your stats a bit (not magic find food, please, it doesn't even work).
  5. Read my introduction to raiding, and check through the dulfy guides that are linked at the start of the post. There will of course be some explaining during the runs, but the more prepared you are the easier the raid will be.
  6. Please use a build that is tuned for raids. There are plenty of good builds in our Pact Barracks subforum and on metabattle. If you want to use a build that is not linked in either of these two places, please send me a mail in-game on Christars.8645 so we can discuss it.
  7. We will of course use TeamSpeak. This is probably obvious, but still. It is best if you have a mic so you can talk yourself if needed, but at the very least you must be able to listen.
  8. Be willing to learn and have fun! We are not aiming for smooth kills and great glory, but to introduce people to raiding and the "raid mentality". Raids are way harder than anything else in the game, and they do require you to be awake and willing to learn and adapt, but they are super fun. Patience is obviously also required.

If this sounds like fun to you, sign up! xD

If there are any questions of any kind whatsoever, feel free to discuss with me either here or in-game by sending a message to Christars.8645.

Edited Saturday at 5:56 PM by Nag

  • Your in-game name. = yeruwsha
  • Your experience level. = have tryed Vale Guardian once
  • What classes you can play; ele staff.  This is my build : http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Tempest_-_Staff_DPS_(R) using full zerk gear
  • If you want to join for the Saturday raid, the Sunday raid or both : I want to join in Saturday
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Your in-game name : Xplso Th

Your experience level : i did Raid Once! and Faild! 

What classes you can play : Thief

Day: can only at Sunday

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