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Beginner Raid Weekend - March 12-13

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heya guys although this event has ended REVROND an event leader within the NUTS guild is looking to form a raid group that can run together for there weekly/biweekly raid wings (after the inital learning phase!) ALL people are welcome as it is a raid team for beginners!  ill drop the link to his post here so u can all check it out or sign up to the team if you like!  hope to see some of you, or some new faces on the sign up sheet!



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In game name : Dizzo.4795 (Misterqueen, Ivory Irishspring)

Experience level : Never been in there yet

Classes I can play : Druid healer ranger (currently learning all that needs to be known)

I'd like to join Sunday and backup saturday if another healer cannot make it.

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In game name: Mighty warrrior.9457 

Experience level : None been keen and a quick learner

Classes i can play: i got every class on level 80 but i would prefer: warrior, guardian or Elementalist these got full exotic or full ascended with ascended trinkets on all. 

I would like to join saturday or sunday , does not matter for me. 

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  • Your in-game name: Metalhead.5273
  • Your experience level: Its been a 4 years since I started this game. Have 2 legendaries ,I did most of the dungeons. Have a fractal backpack and currently focusing on t4 fractals. Have 6 lvl 80 characters.
  • What classes you can play; I play ele as a main and I would like to learn necro too. It is okay for me which roles suits ele and necro I can play it but I use scep/focus at ele just to let you know, I am free at necro I can use whatever you like but currently using scep/warhorn-staff
  • If you want to join for the Saturday raid, the Sunday raid or both : I have lots of free time nowadays I can join both. I also would like to join today's ^^

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