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Raid First Kill Screenshots

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Woohoo \o/ We managed to clear Cairn Challenge Mode! Congratulations to @Tawni, @Avalon, @Tossino, @Mirclus, @Onyx and @Klevi :D 


From left to right: @Karry, @Tawni, @Avalon, @Viridian, @Lacie, @Tossino, @Excelion, @Mirclus, @Onyx and @Klevi B|



Because we had time left, we cleared the rest of the Bastion of the Penitent. Congratulations to @Tossino for her first Deimos kill :D 


From left to right: @Klevi, @Excelion, @Lacie, @Avalon, @Viridian, @Onyx, @Tawni, @Karry, @Mirclus and @Tossino.


Thanks to everyone for a fun evening :x

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Congratulations to this awesome Xera first kill ... she apparently just saw us and gave up :D 


From left to right: @Shadowfox, @Mirclus, @Miteg, @Karry, @DiRaven, @Viridian, @Gamerd, @Klevi, @Excelion, @Nasurelin :x



'Cause we had a ton of time left, we went for Sabetha the Saboteur. She resisted slightly longer, but we got her in the end :D With Last Cannon! B|



Thanks everyone :x

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We had some 1st kills on Saturday \o/


In no particular order: @Aedelrik@Anomaly, @anxnox, @DiRaven, @Excelion, @Klevi, @Nan, @Naedry, @Solis and me.


We used rest of the time to kill Gorseval ^^


Unfortunately Aedelrik had some Windows problems :(, so @Viridian valiantly helped us with this one.

Special thanks to Nan for providing screenshots ^_^

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During Community Week our very first static group continued to train and got some 1st kills at 3 encounters :D


From left to right: @Gamerd, @Nerxedion, @Klevi, @Sovereign, @entro, me, @Mirclus, @Viridian, @Miteg, @Excelion.




From left to right: @Sovereign, @entro, @Excelion, @Viridian, @Klevi, @Mirclus, @Gamerd, me, @Miteg, @Nerxedion.




From left to right: @Nerxedion, @Gamerd, @Klevi, @Viridian, @entro, @Miteg, @Mirclus, me, @Excelion, @Sovereign.

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Yesterday Viridian (+ her raid assistant) held an introduction raid for Bastion of the Penitent. A few off us were totally fresh when it came to raids, others had some experience. Nevertheless we killed both Cairn the Indomitable, the Mursaat Overseer and Samarog.

@lithiumfluorine@Sorarin, @Xyoz, @darkXday, @dedly, @Zlodin, @ONEVA


Cairn the Indomitable



Mursaat Overseer






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First raid, first kill! Viridian & Megas lead us to a smooth victory over Vale Guardian! (And sorry for my bad graphics quality...)


Thanks to (from left to right)

  • Railgun Stormborn V
  • Léanne Madrigal
  • Thriss Snowborn
  • Amethiye
  • Byolam
  • Ai Higashi
  • Kateyitha
  • Megas Mes
  • Lou Asa
  • Bloody Critter

It was a very fun run :)

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I'm a bit late uploading this, but here are some first kill pictures since last Friday . BIG thank you to Viridian, Goremom, Tossino and others for taking me along and giving me the opportunity to experience and learn raiding!


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Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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