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LGBTQ+ Tyria Pride 2017! June 24th & 25th!

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Hi everyone!


As part of Pride Month, I am excited to announce that for the second year in a row, we will be organizing Pride March Tyria, an in-game pride march on:

  • Saturday, June 24th, 16:00 CEST [EU] | 20:30 EDT [NA]
  • Sunday, June 25th, 16:00 CEST [EU] |  20:30 EDT [NA]

This year's pride march happens on two separate days to give more people a chance to participate, and to allow us to cover a bit more ground without doing a 7-hour event! :D The events will last about 3 hours each day (Day 1 on NA will be a bit shorter), with some fun pre-events to get everyone warmed up.

We march primarily to show our support for gender and sexual minority players, some of which have found Guild Wars 2 to be one of a few safe places to simply be themselves and get away from the hardships they face in the outside world.

We march to spread the message of positivity, acceptance and love!

On a more serious note, in addition to having fun in-game, we also want to make a positive change in the world! So we are doing a charity fundraiser, raising money for Rainbow Railroad, a charity organisation which helps LGBT people escape dangerous, life-threatening situations and bring them to safety. They are one of the organisations responding to the crisis in Chechnya, where LGBT people are being systematically targeted, tortured, and killed in an attempt to purge the country of LGBT people. You can find the fundraiser on our donate page!


Allies and proponents of equality for all are especially welcome to attend, as are those who are members of LGBTQIA+ communities!


Note: The image shows the path we'll be using on the EU servers. The pride march organized on NA will be using a different path.


For further information on the NA event, follow this link. More information for the EU servers is below!


When do we meet?

The event begins at 4 PM CEST both days, but we do ask people to come a little bit early. You should also already be able to reach the coordinators (listed below) at least one hour in advance. You can contact us in-game, on the forums, or join us on TeamSpeak (ts.theopencommunity.org, no password, and no mic requirement)


Where do we meet?

Day 1: Ebonhawke, near the portal from Divinity's Reach! If you don't have explored yet, do not worry! You can reach Ebonhawke through a portal in Divinity's Reach, so we will also have a commander showing people the way through DR if needed. Click here for an image of the Day 1 path.

Day 2: Lion's Arch, at the Field of the Fallen! Lion's Arch is also connected to all major cities via Asuran portals, so you'll be able to reach easily with even a starting character! Click here for an image of the Day 2 path.


Is Teamspeak required?

We do recommend Teamspeak, as we'll be using it to easily coordinate a large amount of people, get everyone into the same instance, and travel through loads of maps, as well as just chat and have fun! You can get the TS3 client for free on the teamspeak website and download it and have it ready to go in less than a minute!

However, Teamspeak is not required to join the event. Simply contact one of the coordinators & join their squad when the event starts, and you'll be able to join us!

Teamspeak address: ts.theopencommunity.org (short version: ts.gw2oc.org)

There is no password or mic requirement, so feel free to join us, even if you're shy!


How do we get on the same instance of the map?

We can, and will, do this through squads! The commanders will be coordinating via TS and squad chat to make sure we get everybody into the same map (or maps, if there's more people than can fit into one map). :D


What do I bring?

You don't have to bring anything! But, party boxes, kites, transformations, fireworks, and other fun things of all kinds are of course welcome! If you wish to dye your armor in the traditional pride flag colours, that's also a fun way to express support!


Who can I contact about this?

If you would like to help organize this event, please let us know by contacting us in-game, on the forums, or by replying to this thread!


Please be aware that we are marching in the name of unity and acceptance. Any attacks on specific minorities, ethnic groups, religions, are not welcome at this event. This is also not a platform for political or religious debate. There are plenty of other places and times that are appropriate to start conversations regarding politics, policies, or religion.


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10 hours ago, LilyLincesa said:

I plan on being there and bringing as many members of my guild, Totally Not Gaymers, as can show up.

ign- KageKaldaka.1049

Yay ^^ Hope to see plenty of you there!

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On 2017-6-22 at 23:48, Kotflinte said:

I will participate. Any suggestions for the shiniest color set?

That might be a question for @Tamo :D 

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21 hours ago, Lelling said:

That might be a question for @Tamo :D 

[Red - Orange Spring - Cornsilk - Cucumber - Blue Rose - Grape Gum] is what is used by all the toons in my screenshot above ^^

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So, this is a side thing, not an official part of the organized event,but I will be hosting a Photo Shoot after the march in Lion's Plaza, the big open area with the pretty ceiling. Everyone is welcome to come!

Note,this is on the NA servers.

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We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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