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Heya all!

I thought it would be nice to open a thread where everybody can share their screenshots of beautiful views,
funny glitches or just something noteworthy.

I'll start this off with a crafting-hall-roof-dance-party!

A few weeks back I learned how to climb on top of the crafting hall in LA, which seems to be like something that
not many people know how to do. But when you reach the top of the roof, you are welcomed by an awesome view
over all of LA. In other words, the perfect place for a dance party!

The two people with me are Ara and somebody who I forgot the name of...(sorry!)
Let's see if this posting images works..





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Wintersday Ice cream dish! Me and two friends transformed as snowballs (I'm the green one in the middle). The Poly-luminescent gems you can buy from Trading post actually change the color of the snowball too. So we had a Vanilla Ice Cream -ball, a Pear Ice Cream -ball and a Mango Ice Cream -ball. ^^gw041.thumb.jpg.b187e35e82023207fb39f2e0

And remember kids, don't eat yellow snow..

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Creepy old lady with a knife. I believe I encountered her in Gendarran Fields. She was probably bugged from defending in an event with the pirates attacking the farm. My revenant is going "What do you have there behind your back..?" :Dgw062.thumb.jpg.3f838e755fb716d0f71807f4

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Yesterday, me and a few random people found each other on the OC teamspeak in time for the lunchtime Tequatl, and while waiting for the giant lizard to come out and play, we made an apple dance party (in honor of Tybalt of course).


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While you glide all over Tyria I learned how to dance in the air =p



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My turn!

Embrace the pink-white checkered mountains


Aaaand then me bashing Blek's head in during guild missions.


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Just some screenshots i took during the Fun Consumables Run event :D


Birth of the baby Quaggens:



Fire Elementals:



The weird gliding while transformed thingy:


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When I first started using Reshade, I turned on one of the "gimmick" settings called Godrays, and, well :D


Happened to be standing in such a spot to receive an extreme close up of Shadow Behe's smelly breath


And this, I just don't even know.


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Yesterday, Sabina took Trinzle and me on an adventure to the top of the DV guild hall!


We all made it to the top (three mesmers, but don't tell anyone).


After that, she showed us a secluded corner in the hall where we spent some time sleepily laughing and fooling around. And we looked quite good doing it.


After a while, we all went to sleep.


First ingame, then irl as well.


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We have an open Teamspeak, which can be freely used by guests in need of a practical voice communication solution.

Address: ts.theopencommunity.org

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