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Hi everyone :)

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Hello everyone and welcome to my introduction page

I'm a 22 year old guy who loves to play video games (hhhhmmmmmm video games :x). I just graduated uni as a civil engineer. I know its big... if i knew what the hell i studied in uni xD... 4 years passed and i feel i learned nothing. Anyways I'm currently unemployed but still looking for a job.

I wish i can tell you that I have been playing GW2 from the start and I'm a pro at it... unfortunately that is not the case... I have started GW2 just 3 weeks ago and still dont have the game lol, but I will be getting it soon. But I fell in love with the game on the first day and was not able to leave it xD... I mean that I have canceled many cinema and eating date or appointments or what ever u want to call them for this game xD. I only have 1 character at the moment, he is a lvl 80 human warrior named Gelkera. I recently joined [DV] team 2 guild and hope to do what ever I can to help them :).

I also play many other games... no really I play so many I wont be able to name them all for u xD. I recently (2 days ago) started streaming on twitch and hope to continue (beware that this week im actually just testing my stream and seeing what errors I can find or improvements I can add). My twitch channel is twitch.tv/hmed10 for those who want to stop by and say hi :). All the details of the channel r on the page... and if u want to ask me any other question just type it in chat when I am on and I will try to answer u :). I will try to stream the all or most of the events that open community does on GW2 so u r welcome :). As mentioned above that this week im actually just testing my stream so if u come over and see something u dont like or think needs improving just let me know and I will try to change/fix it :).

My account on GW2 is hmed.2876 if someone wants to add me on their friends list (whisper me that u did so i can add u too :)).

I am open to any questions u have for me and thank u for taking the time to read my introduction page and hope to hear from u soon :)

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