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This is where I come from

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Finland. The winter wonderland. Winter is definitely my most favorite season. A couple of weeks ago the minus-degrees went to as low as -27, so what better time than that to take my camera out for a little photo session. I live near a lake and in the middle of fields and forest, however only a 15 minute drive from a fairly big city.




As Finns we're never too far away from a lake (as you may know, Finland is also called the "land of thousands of lakes"). 

The lake nearby is definitely the most beautiful at sunset. These pictures are from last June (2015).



Hope you enjoyed the little tour. :3 I'm looking forward to seeing your world!!

(All the pictures in the post are taken by me, used only on my permission. Thaaanks. <3 Most of them and more are also on my deviantart if you wanna check them out http://skyscraper-creep.deviantart.com/ (c) Susimusta)

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Once again Susi; the landscape is just gorgeous, I'm very jealous! And an excellent job on the photography ^^

Things aren't even nearly as exciting or beautiful where I live, but I'll share some pictures anyway.
This is near where I currently live in the UK, it's quite a nice park :)



And the following two pictures are from where I used to live in NL, that was in the winter, 2012 ^^



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These are my fave spots in my hometown, Bandung, in Indonesia. It's not as beautiful as the island next door to us, Bali. But we love our valleys and highlands :)


A hangout spot when I was young..



For the nature lover, White Crater (photo by Dedy Susantro).


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So, Sweden. I have a dog so I walk a lot, and luckily I like it. I particularly love walking in the forest.

Right now it's just snowing and snowing and snowing, so any picture would just be white. Today the sky is white, the ground is white, all people and things that have been out for more than 10 minutes are covered in snow and then, you know, the air is full of snow, so what you actually can see is all fuzzy. A very bad day for photography.

So have some pictures from 2015. *Warning: May contain dogs*


Some are from my parents' place outside of Västerås (~middle of Sweden; the summer ones), some are from Luleå, where I live now (north of Sweden; the autumn and winter ones).


Nature is just so beautiful. I need a better camera.



And then I spend some of my time at the university too. I like this official sign by the information desk, with information available in three languages: Swedish, English and Nerd.


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Added pic from university.
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1 hour ago, Declan said:

Sweden is such a beautiful country, very nice pictures Separator :)
And also a dogeeidfjkasoidjasdioj

Thanks. It can be very pretty, yes. That forest is nothing remarkable, but it certainly has its wonderful spots. Most of the pictures are of places I have walked hundreds of times, and at least two of them I have passed literally a couple of thousand times. (I've had dogs for 26 years. I haven't lived in the same place for all that time though.)

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I live in the same place as Dec, but I thought I'd add some photos of some of our local old, nice buildings (and the college, haha) ^_^










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And because we had nice lunchtime weather today I snapped a shot of where I live live (still with my not-very-nice, broken camera).


There are two houses on the left, I live in the furthest one. The university is one minute's walk to the right. Convenient.

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I don't have any pretty pictures from my parents place yet (hopefully soon), and since I live in a brick and concrete environment these days, I won't bore you with pictures of my own place.

However! I live very close to The Efteling. For those of you that don't know it yet: it's a theme park about fairy tales. Amongst many other things, it has an enchanted forest, (the "Fairytale Forest") which is the cutest place in the world. In my spare time, I love to hang out there. This is beauty <3



JPEG image 1144.JPG

JPEG image 1369.JPG

JPEG image 1444.JPG




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I was looking for a thread on the forum where I can post my IRL pictures and I believe this one fits my needs the most so here they come!
Nowadays there's a 2-3 day cycle of everything being completely covered with snow and the snow completely melting in just a few hours. Here are some pictures with snow.









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So the snow melted and the sun came out, but then dark coulds gathered on the sky...




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